Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reminder about some chalk talk!!!

I'm guessing there's a 99% chance the game will take place. Please remind others to be smart while traveling tonight. Be prepared for an emergency, drive with caution and don't be rushed to arrive in Melrose before the game. Their parking lot (which is quite expansive) will be a three-ring circus!

B-B-E currently holds the longest active winning streak of any basketball team in Minnesota.

Some fun fun facts about the game: B-B-E has the top-rated defense in Class A at 44.2 points per game; Melrose Area has the third-best rated offense in Class AA at 75.8 points per game; the top two players for the Dutchmen are seniors Scottie Stone (27 points per game) and Isaac Sawyer (15 points per game);

I will post random updates to this blog at halftime and during the second half for those who can't sit by a computer or radio throughout the game. Otherwise...

Here's the "skinny" on the other game coverage I'm aware of: 
- Tom Elliot, sports editor at the St. Cloud Times, will be there
- Dave McClurg, sports broadcaster with Smooth Magic 107 of Glenwood, will announce on 107.1 FM
- Don Leukam and Bill Dean will announce on 106.5 FM the Train of Norway Lake-Sunburg
- Mark and Joyce Knoblauch will webcast and web-announce the game on

  • Here's Coach Duscha's post-game comments after their 90-61 win over Pierz on Tuesday night on BOB FM with Kirby Hemmesch announcing:

"These guys are so focused and prepared and determined. Very rarely do we have to get after them. We just had a few adjustments to make at halftime.

We needed to get back on defense and find Cullen Carter, because he was absolutely killing us in the first half. We needed to be stronger on our box outs. 

I wasn't worried at all about our offense. We typically talk very little about our offense. If we can get a defensive stop, I think we have a good chance of scoring on the other end.

Everything we talk about at halftime is usually predicated on defense.

(Kirby) On BBE in your own gym:

I talked to the guys in practice yesterday. I asked to raise their hands if somebody has told you about the Pierz game or asked you about it. Nobody raised their hands. I asked the same question about BBE and they all raised their hands. All 15 of them.

It was undeniable at the beginning of the year to look at this game and see something special coming. They're such a great program with such a great winning streak. I hope they don't lose tonight, which would take so much out of our game against them. I really don't think they'll lose tonight.

It could be one of the biggest crowds we've ever had in this gymnasiums. It should be a packed house with two great crowds and two great teams going after each other."

  • Here's Coach Duscha's post-game comments on Tuesday night with Mark Knoblauch of

(Mark) What's your guess on what the score will be?

I don't think it'll hit the 90s. Both teams are too good defensively. Especially them. They're better on defense than we are. It'll be tough for us to score. I think it'll get into the 70s.

It will be a shot clock game, although I don't know if that will be much of a factor. That's where both teams like to play. I don't think it will be a shoot out, though.

(Mark) The 1-3-1 worked vs. Pierz…but how about vs. BBE?

No matter what you run, you will have problems. If you run man, they have enough weapons to beat you. Same story with a zone. Whatever we're in, we'll have to do two things. (1) guard them and (2) rebound. It's so much easier said than done. Everyone talks about it. If we don't do that on Thursday it will be tough. 

A 36-minute game is a long time. We have a veteran crew with guys who have played in big games. They have too, and especially with them having experience in bigger games than we've had recently. They won't be in awe of the crowd. We hopefully won't be either.

The atmosphere should be wonderful. 

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