Saturday, January 26, 2013

This is deeply disturbing

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What this article failed to mention is that Dana Schoen blew a .351 BAC the same night of the crash in which he killed a 5-month old baby from Marshall. The accident took place south of Starbuck on Highway 29 right at the first curve (curving southwest) south of town. Schoen is a native of Starbuck and has been a drunk his entire adult life.

What's classic is an excuse one of his acquaintances/friends posted on an article last summer after the crash..."Oh, but he had a rough childhood" - okay, so he had a rough childhood, does that mean the rest of us should sacrifice our safety and the safety of our families if we have to travel out on the road because for some inexplicable reason this guy somehow deserves freedom?

The monster in question: 38-year old Dana Schoen of Starbuck. Under a plea deal, Schoen pleaded guilty in December to three counts of criminal vehicular operation, a complete and utter abuse of our country's inept court system.

Schoen had 2 previous drunk-driving arrests in which his BAC was over .2 (in 2000 and 2005). He is a menace to society and should never see the light of day. I have some very pointed and angry questions for our state lawmakers and anyone else who's in power that thinks this is somehow okay or somehow a situation where we should just throw our hands up and say "we can't do anything about it".

Pure, unadulterated, utter B.S.!!!

*Note: part of the anger should focus on employees at Water's Edge in Starbuck, where Schoen was drinking prior to killing the baby boy that night. Actions have consequences!

Also: Schoen has been in chemical treatment before. It did not work. SHAME ON THE SYSTEM!

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