Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Busy times in the "off" season

Time to blog has been scarce lately, as you probably can tell by the extreme lack of updates here. We've had sickness in our home with multiple doctor trips that have consumed time and the snow and ice storms we've had lately...made a mess of things to say the least! As tough as some moments are, it's important to count our blessings. A good idea for anyone living a hectic lifestyle.

I do want to thank all of the readers who visited throughout the winter and make it worthy for businesses to advertise. Generally it was 250 to 300 per day and much higher during playoffs...a crazy amount considering in the first 2 years I was lucky to get 30 readers clicking here in one day.

I am also neck-deep in fighting a deeply disturbing push by AFSCME (a public workers' union) towards child care business owners in Minnesota. I have blogged about this here in the past, but in the future I am trying to keep political opinions off of this B-B-E sports blog. If you really want to see my rantings on that issue, bookmark this link and visit often:

Here's another one of my "gems" on that issue:

Yeah, if I want to, I still can and will be a pit bull when I disagree with something a powerful group is trying to do!

Spring is literally right around the least on the Jaguar sports schedule. It's almost laughable to think that the baseball opener is on Thursday, April 4 in Elrosa (vs. Upsala/Swanville Area).

Think spring, and hope for some moderate and reasonable heat!