Thursday, April 11, 2013

**JKC is closed today

No JKC at B-B-E today. It's not good out there. Try out this B-B-E Speech team video to warm you up at home while the blizzard rages outside:
My favorite part of the clip starts at the 1:10 mark...sorry kids, your dancing just doesn't come close to the moves that Coach Julie Lloyd has!!

Check this out, plucked from Facebook and posted at 07:45 today:
Wow! STMA Schools should be ashamed of themselves. They canceled school at 7:30, AFTER children have been dropped off. They have a terrible track record of doing this after children have left for school or with little notice. We've known that Thursday was going to be the bad day since Monday, why did they wait?! They were telling parents as they dropped off their children. And, to make things worse, they instructed the bus drivers to return all bus children to their bus stops! Um, most parents leave for work after their child leaves for school. I feel terrible for all of those parents. Monday, April 15...School Board Meeting at 7 p.m. Gonna be fun!
******The following is from D-Mac at Smooth Magic 107 FM of Glenwood:
got word from the Pope County (MN) Sheriff's Office, advising NO TRAVEL across the county until further notice, because of heavy snow accumulation and blowing snow. Driving conditions are steadily deteriorating across the western and west central parts of Minnesota. Even I-94 east of Alexandria is getting difficult to navigate on (according to the MnDOT web site). Please stay safe! Go slow, or stay home!
  ...and an accident was just reported on I-94 near the New Munich exit. I also have unconfirmed reports that I-94 west of the Freeport area is CLOSED until further notice. *Just heard that there were four vehicles involved in the accident by New Munich. Another unconfirmed report said that a five-semi, three-car pile up took place on I-94 near Freeport.
...AND heard this around 8:30am...a multi-car pile up accident took place between St. Cloud and St. Augusta on I-94. No word yet on injuries.
Now confirmed: I-94 from Freeport to Alexandria is closed. 
I heard from a person in Sauk Centre whose husband works in St. Cloud that there were "too many semis in the ditch to count" along I-94. Crazy. I've read enough. Stay in town folks, it's not worth it to go out in the country. 
Today is going to be interesting.