Sunday, March 02, 2014

B-B-E speech team first at Sauk Centre

The B-B-E rock star speech team with their first-place trophy at Sauk Centre.

The B-B-E speech team rose to the top of a group of 17 schools at the Sauk Centre invitational on Saturday. As a team they earned 313 points, while the runner-up team had 253. Nearly 300 speechers were in attendance participating in the meet.

Nice work! And hats off to Joe Reller, Riley Schumann and Molly Tengwall for achieving 250 career points at Sauk Centre.

1st place at Sauk Centre! 
Nick Steinhofer, Ex Speaking; Molly Tengwall, Storytelling
2nd place: Isaiah Mitchell, Creative; Shawn Felling, Ex Speaking; Mariah Heinze, Prose
4th place: Treven Quade, Drama; Ashlyn Jenc, Informative
5th place: Trustin Ziemer, Discussion; Joe Reller/Riley Schumann, Duo; Adrian Laage, Humorous
6th place: Mallory Bents, Great Speeches
7th place: Aspen Peterson, Discussion; Austin Meyer, Drama
8th place: Alex Schramel, Ex Reading
Honorable mention: Tiras Dotson, Humorous; Hannah Rach, Poetry

The next meet for the team is on March 15 at Morris. A handful of uppeupperclassmen havr a 3-day National Qualifier meet this coming weekend.

Hey, speech team members, if you're reading this, keep up the hard work!! It pays off in many ways, some that you won't see until you're an adult. And if nothing else keep working to hold true to the old adage, "Tradition never graduates" when it comes to our powerhouse small school programs at B-B-E.

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