Thursday, August 14, 2014

More details on the Gilchrist Township shooting

The shooting took place at a rural residence along a 3/5-mile long dead end road that jots off of the southernmost mile of Lake Linka Road. The residence is also approximately a half mile east of the southwest corner of Lake Gilchrist.

The dead end road running north/south also is lined up closely to the East Branch Chippewa River, which runs into the east side of Lake Gilchrist.

When I drove out there with some rough directions to the location from one of my sources, I searched up and down Lake Linka Road looking for the house in question. To my surprise, the dead end road I described above was blocked off by an undercover police officer. Knowing that and knowing what sources say about where this rural residence is, I finally determined the shooting took place at a residence along that dead end road. The undercover police officer said that no member of the public is allowed to drive down that road, due to an active investigation taking place. It could be days before that road block is lifted.

A person who lives near Lake Gilchrist has said they heard the gun firing when this happened on Wednesday night. Based on where they live, that would only be possible if the shooting took place outside the house. The initial police report said the deceased man was found inside the house. I am anxious to have that discrepancy of what I've learned and what was in the police report cleared up.

It's also important to note that the individual who fired the gun is not in custody. The only scenario I'd say that's possible if it was a case of self-defense. Many theories are running around the rumor mill about what happened, and although I have what I feel is solid information painting an accurate picture of the shooting, none of that can be released as this took place just over 24 hours ago. I have a third-hand account of the shooting, but I want to hold onto that until law enforcement releases more of their findings.

It's too soon...and the rumor mill will have to just keep churning.

*Update: a friend told me not to read too much into the continued police presence at the location of the shooting. In a situation like this, the place needs guarding from looting.

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