Thursday, August 18, 2016

Preseason practices

The official preseason is underway at B-B-E for the fall Jaguar sports...I don't have firm numbers on turnout, but the numbers are higher for the B-B-E girls' tennis team than they were last year which is fabulous! Coach Kienitz has at least 15 on her roster for varsity and JV.

The Jaguars football team numbers appeared to be down somewhat from last year, but that's not surprising because they graduated 12 seniors off of last year's 5-5 team and are bringing in a smaller group of ninth graders than usual. The current B-B-E Class of 2020 has the smallest number of football players that we've ever had at that level.

I'll make more of an announcement tonight, but I'm happy to announce that a fan bus is being offered for the Elrosa Saints baseball team's trip to the state tournament on August 27. Sign-up sheets are located at Bucky's Bar, Bayer Gas & Grocery and the Elrosa branch of North American State Bank.

More info to follow!

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