Monday, November 21, 2016

HUGE response for speech interest meeting!

So this is very, very awesome! The B-B-E speech interest meeting held today at the high school drew 30 kids to the lunch-time meeting!

The pre-pre-season starts on December 1.
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I have published this at least a couple times in the Bonanza Valley Voice. It rings true every time I read it:
  • Why speech? Being in speech gives your son/daughter a real competitive advantage when they:

1. Speak in class
2. Apply for colleges
3. Apply for scholarships
4. Interview for a job
5. Ask someone out
6. Do a radio interview
7. Audition for plays
8. Speak to the school board
9. Make a best man/maid of honor speech
10. Talk to the principal or other authority figure
11. Run for public office
12. Give a presentation to potential investors in their company they may some day own.

Talk to Lucy Lloyd at the high school, and let’s get more kids involved in this terrific activity at B-B-E!