Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Another crazy day - imagine that! *ELECTION RESULTS

Tuesday has been no less crazy than Monday was. I am standing near the center of the storm that is a 100-hour work week. At LEAST!

The state volleyball T-Shirts were delivered late this afternoon to the elementary school office! They look amazing! The B-B-E Jaguars volleyball team were the first to get their hands on them. They held practice tonight just shy of two hours before heading out the door before 6 o'clock.

For a limited time, you can watch this post-match video of a Bonanza Valley Voice interview with tri-captain and senior Ally Gruber after the Jaguars punched their ticket to state!

Now much of my attention shifts towards Election 2018 coverage.
Below will be live blogging posts throughout the night with the time posted as shown (military time) so you'll want to get comfortable with the 'refresh' option on your web browser!
21:05 - Bangor Township in Pope County is the first B-B-E precinct to appear on the Secretary of State website. Its results have the B-B-E school levy losing 38 to 23 votes.

21:29 - Rolling Forks Township in Pope County (far southern edge) has reported in two votes. Those two voters canceled one another out (one yes, one no) - and now the B-B-E school levy is losing 39 to 24.

21:35 -  the tally was 216 no to 165 yes with seven of 21 precincts reported. We now have some Stearns County precincts in. In Crow Lake Township, the levy got a 58-54 positive vote. In Crow River Township, it got a 59-54 negative vote. In Getty Township, it passed 4-3. In Lake George Township (rural Elrosa), it lost 41-27. In Lake Henry Township (probably the furthest precinct to the east) it lost 16-7. In North Fork Township, it failed 39-35.

Overall, as of 21:46, the B-B-E levy is trailing 312 "no" to 234 "yes" votes.

21:51 - more precincts from Pope County have come in; Chippewa Falls Township failed the levy 14 to 10; in Gilchrist Township, the levy failed 71 to 37; in Lake Johanna Township, the levy failed 36 to 26. The updated tally shows the B-B-E school levy failing 433 to 307.

22:15 - with the city of Belgrade reporting, the levy outlook has improved in dramatic fashion. Voters in Belgrade passed the levy 152 to 98. This makes the overall count 531 no, 459 yes. Brooten cut the deficit approximately in half.

Right now we need the city of Brooten to come through with a great number, plus the rural precincts in Kandiyohi County to at least come in "even" - right now I am extremely upset with the city of Elrosa failing it 61 to 25. I couldn't even report it after I saw it, as I was too angry. I saw that number about an hour ago. In 2010, the city of Elrosa gave a 38 to 38 vote on the B-B-E levy. They didn't help or hurt that year. Would they rather pay Melrose or Sauk Centre taxes?

22:37 - the Secretary of State website is currently down.

23:15 - the B-B-E school levy failed 790 to 736. That's all she wrote. It's official and ready for my printing press.

Other reporting...the city of Brooten voted in favor of the B-B-E levy by 46 votes: 134 yes to 88 no. In Kandiyohi County precincts, the levy was voted down by 19 votes. In Pope County, voters turned it down by a margin of 63 votes. Overall, the B-B-E levy passed by 28 votes to the positive in Stearns County precincts.

In other news, Stearns County has a new sheriff-elect. Steve Soyka won the race for Stearns County Sheriff tonight. He received 34,771 votes compared to 26,309 for Dave Bentrud.

More to follow.


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