Saturday, February 15, 2020

Gonna say this one time

My ability to keep a roof over my family has been threatened, to say the absolute very least.

Posting on this blog has been suspended for an indefinite period of time.

I know what it looks like...

In laymen's terms: I will choose what I do with my time very carefully. Consequently, I will choose what public events I attend very carefully. I won't allow any member of the local mafia to gang up on me in public. I will not allow it. I don't get paid enough to take that. If you think I make appreciable money doing this, you are wrong. I drive a $600 minivan, and I have gotten good at repairing it when necessary. If I made an appreciable amount of money, would it make sense to keep repairing a $600 minivan?

Moving on...
We look forward to the day when criminals and bullies no longer run this town. That's our goal.

I find it ironic that the same day my newspaper comes out with "bullying" in a page one headline, I was told by multiple sources that Facebook has a thread on it that says bullying is taking place at B-B-E high school. I am not a Facebook user, but I inquired into that and read across what was posted on Facebook about bullying at B-B-E.

It's predictable how kids follow the example of adults. I am bullied from fulfilling all aspects of my work and forced to take actions to protect myself. Then I hear of bullying of a child in the high's just too ironic.

Let's go back to September 2016, the eve of the start of the 2016-2017 school year. I posted this blog post, with reference to the late Coach Rich Vos (RIP)

Short link:

Let me give another example of bullying. When you spread unsubstantiated rumors about our bars and bar owners (last winter that's what the local mafia did) - then you are participating in bullying. You are hurting main street business owners who didn't ask for it. They did nothing wrong, except at one point they were following directions from an ex-gambling manager who was telling them incorrect instructions on how to conduct charitable gambling in Minnesota. What the ex-gambling manager told them was flat out against what the official gambling manual says. Eventually they broke free from that ex-gambling manager, but the local mafia continued spreading lies and rumors - all unsubstantiated - about the bars and bar owners. This is a form of bullying. What was being spread was NOT what official state reports said about what happened in Brooten. And that's a fact.

I hope and pray that the bullying issue at B-B-E high school can be dealt with. Unless it's directly handed to me, that is not my battle.

Stopping bullying isn't difficult: teach kids to look out for one another and be supportive of any peer who is being harmed in some way. I have said that many times on this blog and in my newspaper. I wish parents would take notice.

End rant.

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