Saturday, April 11, 2020

Elrosa welcomes the Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny made an early visit to Elrosa today. The Easter bunny was escorted around town by the Elrosa Fire Department, with members of the Elrosa Commercial Club and Elrosa Baseball Club helping distribute candy bags to local children and senior citizens.

Video clip:

Last night the Easter bunny visited Belgrade, with the Belgrade Fire Department providing accommodations.

In news from around the country / world...

Government mandate: "Gotta stay 6 feet apart."

Okay...sounds reasonable.

Then we have 16 recovering drug addicts gathering (spread out) in a church sanctuary that holds 300. For some of them, the church is all they have. Their families have disowned them, they struggle to find gainful employment, and the hope and salvation offered by the pastor at this church is essentially the difference between being able to survive or folding up shop. Government response to that: "Shut this down! Threat to public health."

That's the current state of affairs. We have quite a fight on our hands.

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