Thursday, March 11, 2021

(LIVE VIDEO) Home boys' basketball action AND girls'BBall

Here's the live video player for tonight's home boys' basketball action:

This is a conference title game! Yes, that's right - we have a share of the Central Minnesota Conference championship on the line with the B-B-E Jaguars boys' basketball team hosting first-place Eden Valley-Watkins. The Jaguars sit in second place.

Once I get the video player for the girls' basketball game in Grove City, I will get that posted. I don't have an actual video link, but here's the link to find ACGC's YouTube channel...that should help narrow the search if you're trying to watch that game tonight (short link) =

More to come.

Here's more video from last night's big wrestling playoff win:

More to come.

*Update: I can't find the live video from ACGC high school.

Here it is! The girls' basketball game at ACGC:

Update: the boys' basketball varsity game should start at about 19:10. The game will also be carried on 106.5 FM The Train of Norway Lake/Sunburg.

**Update: at halftime, the Jaguars have a 22-21 lead over Eden Valley-Watkins. Ironic: this is the same halftime score that was on the scoreboard when these teams met the first time earlier this season.

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