Friday, June 17, 2016

Clay Trap state

Video from state today in Alexandria:

The B-B-E Clay Trap team competed at the Class 4A state tournament today in Alexandria. Once the third group (of five) shooters from B-B-E took the field, a light rain started. I since learned that they had about a one-hour rain delay but have resumed action.

I heard a few scores in the 40s...and the scores represent successful shots out of a total of 50 clays in the opening round. Anything over 40 is incredible in my book!

With the first round in the books, here are a few of B-B-E’s leaders with their scores in either the JV or varsity divisions (out of a possible score of 50): Ben Feuerhake 40, Isaac Kampsen 40, Dawson Bitzan 38, Joe Feldman 38, Jake Fischer 42, Mathew Fuchs 38, Cody Lewis 37, Tristan Nelson 41, Payton Van Beck 38, Jared Weller 39, Peyton Winter 38, Austin Trustheim 43.

In the Novice division, Jaden Pastian was the leader for B-B-E in the first round with a score of 38 (out of 75 shots).

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