Wednesday, November 06, 2019

A really, really terrific send-off

**Just added Wednesday's an iMovie from the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper's sports department with footage from today's elementary school pep fest!

Much to do but had to get on this blogspot in quick fashion to say that the B-B-E Jaguars volleyball team received a MASTERFUL and WONDERFUL send-off today as they departed for St. Paul right square in the middle of this afternoon.

**Remember: additional coverage is posted at the Bonanza Valley Voice website. It includes a web article that outlines the upcoming state tournament.

More to come. This post will be updated with video later today!!!

Here's what will be at the tail end of what I hope to put together some time later today...

They are off to St. Paul!!! They make us proud in Jaguar Country!

*Update: shortly after 17:00 tonight a new iMovie should be posted. It's processing right now. It's PRETTY DARN COOL!!! It includes footage from this morning's Pep Fest at the elementary school.

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