Monday, January 20, 2020

Prayer warriors

I learned today that the Elrosa Baseball Club's cash raffle held on December 22 was a smashing success for the Easton Rood family. The 2 1/2-year old from Belgrade is battling cancer. A brief update on Easton was published in the January 9 issue of the Bonanza Valley Voice (page one).

A member of the extended family mentioned that they hold an enormous level of gratitude to the Elrosa club for holding the raffle. Those in charge of the raffle were "extremely professional" from start to finish in pulling this off (kind of at the last it was thrown together in November). The money raised will help defray the gigantic level of bills and other financial obligations that the Rood family is enduring while little Easton battles for his life.

Beyond that I don't have much to share. In February, I hope to get a story published on how things are going for Easton and his family.

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