Friday, February 01, 2013

The morning after

Somehow I'm a little more relaxed today than I have been in a long time. I don't know how the winning streak was affecting the players, but heading into any mildly-tough to really-tough basketball game I became...well...a basket case.

Alright Jaguars, take apart the remaining teams on your schedule and march into Section 6A with some positive momentum!!

Below, an iPhone photo of the crowd during the game...taken from the middle area of the B-B-E crowd...over 2,000 fans were in the gymnasium, and an overflow section of fans watched the game from an internet feed in the adjacent cafeteria.
Photo by Diane Schmiesing, Sauk Centre Herald

Here's the photo album from the Pierz vs. B-B-E wrestling match on Tuesday night:

**Also, this is awesome...tomorrow the B-B-E One-Act Play group competes in the Section 5A meet held at Sauk Centre. They perform at 9:30am. Break a leg!

And...bookmark this link, it's the B-B-E School District Blog, operated by staff members at the school. Another great way to get information out to parents and students!

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