Thursday, February 20, 2014

ENOUGH winter! Boys' basketball game postponed

Tonight's Jaguars boys' basketball team vs. Kimball Area game is postponed from tonight to Saturday, February 22. The JV plays at 11 with varsity to follow at 12:30pm. Please spread the word.

Ugh!!! I was really looking forward to the game, as it would complete this team's run through the Central Minnesota Conference schedule.

The 5th/6th grade boys' basketball players were supposed to play tonight at halftime. **Update: they will play at halftime onSaturday. Also, tonight was supposed to be Parents Night, and that will be Friday night instead.

Also, the 7th/8th grade backcourt boys' basketball tournament that was supposed to be held on Saturday at the elementary school has been scrubbed.

The 3rd-6th grade basketball will practice on Saturday at the elementary at 9 to 10:15.

Stay tuned.

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