Thursday, April 29, 2021

13, 2, 0 are the new numbers

Here's the latest from the Minnesota Department of Health, per their weekly zip code COVID-19 case number changes. The B-B-E zip code area (population 4,285 across the three local zip codes) has a weekly COVID-19 number of 15 as outlined below.

Brooten 56316 - two new cases in the last week;
Belgrade 56312 - 13 new cases in the last week;
Elrosa 56325 - zero new cases in the last week;

Elrosa has not reported a new COVID-19 case since mid-December.

We are in the midst of an "ebb and flow" corresponding with other central Minnesota COVID-19 numbers. Two weeks ago, a dramatic surge was being experienced with the weekly number reported for April 15 being 25 new cases. Last week the new number then had a dramatic decline to 12 for the seven-day period of April 15-April 21. Now this week we have a number of 15.

The new case number for the week ending April 8 was 10. The number reported on April 1 was also 10. The number reported on March 25 was just two, and the number reported on March 18 was five. The numbers reported each week in February and early March were consistently in the single digits. For Brooten's zip code, the number zero was reported in four of six weeks across a period from late January to the beginning of March. These weekly numbers are outlined at a web article posted at the Bonanza Valley Voice website, which you can find by clicking on this short link: Other updates will be added there in terms of area zip code information. 

I only had time to glance briefly at the area zip code numbers. The only zip code area that really jumped out at me was Paynesville 56362...their new weekly number was 36 for a population of about 5,844.

On a completely different note, have you gotten an idea of what you'll plant in your family garden? We're getting to that point where vegetables can be planted. Our family garden has spinach and lettuce already sprouted (planted many weeks ago)...and yesterday we planted onion sets, carrots and more lettuce.

Have a good day out there.

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