Friday, April 23, 2021

We have had a tough day here: another tragic loss

I don't know what else to say here other than it has been a very, very difficult day. A day that I wish we were not experiencing.

We are learning awful, devastating news in Jaguar Country about the tragic accident that took the life of B-B-E Class of 2020 graduate Joe Feldman. You can read more about Feldman and the accident (with very light details at this point) at the Bonanza Valley Voice website (short link) =

It has taken the wind out of my sails. His mom, Carol, was a B-B-E graduate in the early era of Jaguar Country and a 1991 graduate. His dad, Tom, is a Renville-Sacred Heart graduate. His older sister, Amanda, was a 2018 graduate of B-B-E and a member of the Jaguar girls' tennis team among many other activities here. They are all the best people.

Another throwback: Feldman's uncle Greg Schmitz was a 1985 state wrestling champion at the 98 pound division as a member of the Brooten Buccaneers program. In his senior year in 1984-85, the Buccaneers defeated Paynesville 24-22 in the District 20 championship at Brooten elementary. He is one of Carol's older brothers.

I can't understand this.

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