Thursday, April 22, 2021

Come out and watch some baseball! *and MDH's outdoor youth mask mandate has ended!

Come to Elrosa this evening and take in some live baseball! 

Yes, baseball is back! The B-B-E Jaguars baseball team hosts Kimball Area in a doubleheader starting at 4 p.m. today at Saints Field. It will be a truly wonderful day for baseball. We are expected to see a high of at least 60 degrees. We have full sunshine, and there's not much wind to speak of.



The outdoor youth mask mandate in Minnesota has ended. The Minnesota Department of Health made that public today. It is sick, vile and twisted that they had this in place to begin with for spring outdoor sports, but nevertheless...the pressure brought by the public, plus a pending federal lawsuit against Governor Tim Walz, the MDH and all added up to this huge, huge victory.

Kids no longer have to wear a face mask while playing in the outfield at fastpitch or baseball, among many other asinine ideas that MDH cooked up.

Today is a great day to celebrate a WIN!

Make no mistake: sunshine and exercise are healthy, masking while exercising outdoors is NOT. Governor Walz and his minions have been actively discouraging being outside and doing activities that promote good health. They want to keep the wool over our eyes and keep us fooled into thinking they don't discourage outdoor activity, but the facts speak differently.

Worse, when asked where their "science" is behind their rules, they conveniently cannot provide data. They have a big problem, because more and more of the public is paying attention to this topic. The more we learn, the uglier Walz and his minions become.

I also have to report that MDH is continuing to insist that youth sports contribute to COVID-19 spread among long term care facilities. They said, officially, ON RECORD, "we absolutely think that" in a media call this morning. Yet ONCE AGAIN they failed to provide data to back it up. I was listening to the call, and MDH's Kris Ehresmann provided nothing but word salad in response to the question. This is pure insanity...over 86% of the vulnerable senior population is fully vaccinated!

I know that heaven and earth is being moved to get Walz into a federal court room to explain what he has done and explain his actions and the actions of those who work under him. Time will tell how it all plays out.

And just for fun, here's a throw back to almost two weeks seems like it was quite awhile ago, with so much happening this month!

More to come later.

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