Thursday, April 15, 2021

Three sports...and this, that and the other thing (VIDEO)

**HEAD'S UP: a one-way flow of traffic down Second Street (west-bound) in Brooten has been set up, and stop signs stopping traffic on Central Avenue (main street Brooten) have been established. Please spread the word that there are stop signs that are in places we are not accustomed to.** (LINK:

Three varsity sports teams get rolling today. I'm gathering all the information now on their season openers. Track and field plus baseball are both at home, while the fastpitch team is at Eden Valley-Watkins.

*UPDATE: there is no word yet on where the varsity baseball team will play their game today. Coach Illies reported that they are hoping to play it at the high school JV diamond in Belgrade. *Update: the baseball action for today is canceled.

As for me, I'm still in REST and recovery mode from the past...five weeks or so of crazy exciting times. 

Do you want to hear a Captain Obvious statement? This was in an actual New York Times article (April 14) that said that if you live a sedentary lifestyle, you are more likely to have bad outcomes from COVID-19. 

If it takes a NYT article to point that out to you,  #*$*#(&*(@$*#!!!%*!%!  (fill in the blank)  You have not been paying attention to any of the last 13+ months.

Now run this through your head:
In the last 30 days, South Dakota "COVID" deaths are the equivalent of 245 in Minnesota. They've had 39 "COVID" deaths, and their state is 6.3 times less populous than Minnesota. I get to that figure with the following estimates of population of both states in 2020 = 899,000 in South Dakota compared to 5.68 million in Minnesota. What's Minnesota "COVID" death cumulative number over the last 30 days? That number is 260 through April 14 With all these extra powers given to our dictator-in-chief, Tim Walz, we are not faring better. COVID-19 related hospitalizations are declining in South Dakota, which is the opposite of what the MDH has been reporting for Minnesota in recent weeks.

And making it all much worse, our kids are really suffering under the insane and idiotic rules Walz and his Department of Health goons are shoving down on our schools.

End rant.

In other news...
Here's a link to a web article that highlights the upcoming Belgrade consignment auction with Ziemer Auction Services: Video added from the 2017 consignment auction in Belgrade! It was a wet, rainy day, but everyone had a great time.

*Here's video featuring worship service at West Lake Johanna Lutheran church of rural Brooten for Easter Sunday, April 4.

The video begins with Brooten Class of 1968 graduate Jerry Skarpness reading the lessons and reciting of the Psalm reading. Pastor Steve Bovendam then reads the Holy Gospel and his sermon.

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