Monday, April 26, 2021

Joe's funeral

We have a heavy load to carry locally, even as life must continue to go on. Some days will be more difficult than others.

I've added Mass of Christian Burial information to my web article on Joe Feldman at the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper website. This is the link you can share to see that article =

Short link:

If you want to get dragged down, scroll through some of the recent obituaries at the Harvey Anderson and Johnson Funeral Home website. I don't say that to disparage the funeral home, as that is one of the very important jobs they have: to share information on those who have passed away. I don't say that to encourage you to "get dragged down" either. It's just a statement, because a couple other obituaries besides Joe's really stood out with a ton of grief. They are both for young women in our area who died at home recently. One was a 40-year old woman (Kathryn Nelson) who had a sudden and life-ending heart attack. The other was for a 31-year old young mother (Mariah Refsland) who leaves behind a young son who's around five or six years old. 

Refsland was the 2007 recipient of A-C-GC high school's John Phillip Sousa award, which goes to an outstanding member of the high school band. She once played in Europe with the state honors band, among many other accomplishments in her young life.

Nelson was also an artsy person with a creative mind and free spirit who once lived for a year in Taiwan. In her younger adult years, she taught English for six months in the Czech Republic.

All of this illustrates that death can strike any of us at any time. We are getting reminders of that at every turn it seems.

I don't know about you, but I am exhausted, and the work week is just beginning. I'll get sports schedule notes posted in a new blog post.