Friday, April 30, 2021

(LIVE VIDEO) Mass of Christian Burial for Joe Feldman

Added on Saturday afternoon...

Here's the video recorded in medium-quality HD at Elrosa:

**Update at the funeral: it appears that viewers will experience buffering of the video.**

We ARE recording it. That's working.

At 11:35 we are experiencing buffering. Hoping it resolves itself.

***The recording will be uploaded within an hour or so of the conclusion of the funeral.

This blog post will receive updates later today, but I wanted to get this out right away now that it's finally set up.

Here's a live video player that will become active at approximately 10:50 a.m. tomorrow from Elrosa. We expect good audio, but the video will not have anything like high-def quality due to a reduced Internet speed available at the church.

You can share this blog posting so others can watch Joe's funeral tomorrow at Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic church in Elrosa. If the feed "drops" just hit refresh a minute later and it should pick back up.

Please pray that our community can somehow find peace in this very, very difficult time that seems to only be filled with unending grief. Sometimes you get to the point where all you can do is pray. That's what we hang our hat on when life becomes confusing.

**Friday night update: in a test run earlier this evening at the church, the Internet connection held up, but the laptop did not. I am getting software on a new laptop and giving it another run before the night concludes. The computer used for live streaming the Josie and Remington funeral on February 5 has malfunctioned. I am confident my "Plan B" will work! However, there is a "Plan C" that hopefully won't have to be put into play.

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