Saturday, May 01, 2021

(HD VIDEO) Joe's funeral

**Better-quality video with significantly sharper audio can be found here that also does not have buffering or delays from low Internet speed that hampered the live video stream. For example, at the 45-minute mark of the video embedded here, Father Jeff speaks, and in the live stream it was difficult to hear him. Part of the funeral was not included in this higher-quality recording, and it begins when the lessons were read by Mrs. Carol Sanders.

The live stream had nearly 100 viewers. When I looked as I took down my computer equipment, it said 93 cumulative viewers to that point.

Here's the video recorded in medium-quality HD at Elrosa:

The Mass of Christian Burial worship was very well attended. The funeral home staff said they had a count of over 275.

*Father Jeff's Homily on Joe begins at about the 9-minute mark into the funeral video.

Time to get in the garden! I don't think I'll make it over to Spring Hill for the baseball game. I'll try to get to tomorrow's home game in Elrosa.

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