Wednesday, March 05, 2014

3:00 am

Seven hours after the sub-section championship game, and I'm not quite as red hot about the Crosby-Ironton fiasco. But I'm still very angry that such a wildly silly thing could happen to us.

My editor gave me some advice I might put into use...he mentioned to call section officials and ask nicely if the venue can be switched for Friday's game.

I just might do that.

By 4:40am this morning, I'm even leaning towards Melrose after realizing the Alexandria gymnasium might be needed Friday night for basketball practices of both their varsity teams. Sure, it's adjacent on a few miles' worth of district boundaries with B-B-E, but at least it's a close drive for both schools. Furthermore, if anything it holds bad memories for B-B-E after their debacle there on January 31, 2013.

I say, why not? Give it a shot. At least try.