Tuesday, March 04, 2014

It's midnight

Jaguar Country was out in full force tonight in Little Falls.

It's midnight, just four hours after the basketball game finished up.

I'm still in a ball of rage over the Crosby-Ironton fiasco. The stated seating capacity of the C-I high school is just 1,700...and it's a 2+ hour drive, creating very difficult decisions for families of those who wish to go to the game.

Tonight B-B-E Jaguar Country brought over 1,000 fans to Little Falls on a school night. The math does not add up!

At the U of M-Morris, we regularly brought 1,200+ fans, and by the time the Section 6A championship rolled around in 2011 and the 6A-South title game in 2012 we had closer to 1,500 on our side of the P.E. Center. (The official seating capacity of UM-Morris is 3,200.)

To be sure, in 2012, the crowds grew game-by-game in the postseason considering we were undefeated that entire time. This year we've got one loss (to a stacked AAAA school with multiple D-I players) and a team stacked with seniors for a year we've been building up to since 2008.

In case you were wondering, the Crosby-Ironton high school is anywhere from 111-115 miles from the B-B-E high school. It's close to a half-hour on the OTHER side of Brainerd.

So Browerville fans are basically in the same boat...gas up the cars/trucks and pour on the miles.

I have a few questions burning on my mind: why do section officials want to discourage attendance at playoff games? Do they hate making money? Are schools flush with cash to support extra transportation costs? Is the Section 6A/5A conglomerate who is in charge of this fiasco so flush with cash that they don't care about finding a venue that will properly hold the crowd that's coming their way Friday night?

Someone in charge needs to call Alexandria early Wednesday morning and ask if their gymnasium would be available Friday night. We'd need it from about 5:00pm to about 10:00pm. Tell me why not?