Monday, June 29, 2009

Elrosa Saints to host Hall of Fame ceremony on Friday night

The Elrosa Saints baseball program will host a Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Friday night, July 3, prior to the Saints vs. Greenwald Cubs amateur baseball game at approximately 8:00pm.

Lee Breitbach and Vince Haider will be inducted in the Elrosa Hall of Fame. They each dedicated over 40 years of their lives to improving the ball diamond that is now Saints Field. Both were instrumental in getting the stadium lights installed in the early 1990s.

Bring the family out and enjoy a great night of baseball in Elrosa, while showing your support for Breitbach and Haider's membership in the Hall of Fame.

The Sunday SCL schedule:
Sunday July 5 1:30p Lake Henry at Richmond
Sunday July 5 1:30p St. Martin at Farming
Sunday July 5 1:30p Roscoe at New Munich
Sunday July 5 1:30p Meire Grove at Spring Hill

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday afternoon Stearns County League amateur baseball results

The Greenwald dugout welcomes back Preston Petermeier after he scored the Cubs' lone run of the game vs. Meire Grove.

Meire Grove defeated visiting Greenwald 2-1. The Grovers scored the game-winning run in the bottom of the ninth inning, with Shawn Meyer crossing home plate to end the game.

Spring Hill spanked St.Martin 8-0 on the Chargers home diamond. Spring Hill pitchers Shawn Schoenberg and Aaron Welle held the Martins to three total hits in the game.

Lake Henry 12, Farming 6 in a game that was 9-6 at one point before the host Lakers put the game away.

Richmond won 3-2 over Roscoe. I heard that a suicide squeeze scored the game-winning run for the Royals in the 8th inning.

Saturday result: Farming beat Roscoe 1-0.

Updated SCL standings after this weekend's action:
Spring Hill (9-2)
New Munich (7-3)
Meire Grove (5-6)
Elrosa (4-7)
Greenwald (3-8)

Lake Henry (8-1)
St.Martin (6-4)
Richmond (6-5)
Farming (3-8)
Roscoe (2-9)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Elrosa Saints dig a 4-0 hole after six innings vs. New Munich - Final score is New Munich 5, Elrosa 0

Dustin Breitbach was the closer for Elrosa, pitching the final two innings vs. New Munich.

The Saints are down 4-0, giving up six hits through six innings on the home diamond tonight.

The Silverstreaks scored once more in the eighth inning to finish as 5-0 winners in Stearns County League North division play.

The Saints fall to 4-7 in the league; New Munich improves to 7-3.

Other photos from Friday night's game:

The schedule on Sunday in the SCL:
Farming at Lake Henry
Richmond at Roscoe
St.Martin at Spring Hill
Greenwald at Meire Grove

All games on Sunday have a 1:30pm start.

**Important update for the 4th of July weekend for Elrosa:
The Elrosa Saints will host Greenwald on Friday night, July 3rd, with an 8:15 game under the lights of the Elrosa stadium diamond.

New inductees to the Elrosa amateur baseball Hall of Fame will be introduced prior to the game. Those two gentleman will be announced at a later time.

Thank you for your support of Stearns County League amateur baseball!

This Elrosa Saints/Stearns County League amateur baseball update brought to you by:

Elrosa Saints hosts New Munich tonight at the home diamond

The Elrosa Saints will attempt to shake a two-game losing streak, hoping to build momentum as playoffs approach.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Uuf Da! 17-year old Moorhead intruder shot, killed

Moorhead intruder shot, killed
Brittany Lawonn, Sherri Richards and Devlyn Brooks, The Fargo Forum
Published Monday, June 22, 2009

Vernon Allen was watching “NCIS” around midnight Saturday when an unknown male barged into his Moorhead apartment.

Unbeknownst to Allen, the 17-year-old Moorhead teen already had walked into at least two other unlocked apartments that morning.

Allen got up to confront the teen and asked if he needed help. The intruder mumbled something and brought his fist up ready to strike.

Allen, 47, backed up toward his bedroom, telling the intruder to get out or he would grab the .12-gauge shotgun next to his dresser.

The teen ignored Allen, who then grabbed his gun. But the intruder stepped closer and grabbed the barrel of the gun, holding it to his chest.

“I wasn’t gonna let him have it … it was either him or me,” Allen told The Forum in an exclusive interview Saturday about an hour after police released him after questioning him about the incident.

“When he grabbed the barrel of that shotgun I had to make a choice … so I pulled the trigger on him.”

Sara Graham heard the shotgun blast.

The mother of two minutes before had just kicked the same stranger out of her garden-level apartment in the same four-unit complex at 1103 19th St. S. Her apartment is directly below Allen’s.

Assuming he’d left the building, Graham ran outside and down the driveway, thinking she was chasing after him.

But after she heard the shot, she ran back in to find the intruder going into her apartment a second time. He then made his way into her daughters’ unoccupied bedroom where he collapsed, bleeding from a gunshot wound to his chest and wailing uncontrollably.

“There’s nothing like the sound of a grown man when he cries when he’s been shot,” Graham said in an interview late Saturday morning. Her daughters, ages 11 and 8, had been at their grandmother’s house Saturday.

At the same time Graham was following the intruder into her own apartment, her upstairs neighbor, Allen, called 911 to say he had shot an intruder in his apartment.

The teen received medical attention at the apartment before being transported to Innovis Health in Fargo, where he died. Police did not release his name late Saturday night pending notification of his family.

About 15 minutes before the teen entered Allen’s apartment building, he was half a block away – again uninvited – inside Taaren Haak’s apartment in the 1100 block of 18½ Street South.

Haak’s roommate had just gotten home around 11:45 p.m. Friday. The 22-year-old was about to leave for a house-sitting job when the stranger walked in and shut the door behind him.

Haak yelled at him to leave, preparing mentally for what she would have to do if it got physical.

“He just kind of wasn’t responding,” she told The Forum Saturday night. “He didn’t say anything to me. He just kind of looked at me like he didn’t know what I was saying or what was going on so I just assumed he was kind of drunk.”

The male pulled out a $20 bill and tried to hand it Haak, who told him she didn’t want it.

“Eventually he did just open the door and leave, and we locked it behind him,” she said.

As she went to her car, the teen was in the grass, leaning up against a wall before cutting through backyards and going to another building and appearing to talk to someone standing outside.

Haak said she assumed he had been in the wrong apartment, saying she didn’t think he was dangerous, so she didn’t call police.

“I just kind of assumed he was off on the street,” she said.

After calling 911 to report the shooting, Allen went in for questioning. He was released about 15 hours later on Saturday afternoon after repeatedly telling his story to investigators.

He said he was arrested about 2 a.m. Saturday on suspicion of manslaughter, but released after prosecutors decided not to charge him at this time.

“That was done, obviously, given the circumstances,” Moorhead Sgt. Steve Larsen said. “We needed to review everything and make sure we had all our ducks in a row.”

Police consulted with the Clay County Attorney’s Office before releasing Allen, according to a news release issued about 4 p.m. announcing Allen’s release.

“Mr. Allen has been cooperative with the investigation and has the right to return home at this time after a very disturbing critical incident,” Lt. Tory Jacobson said in the release.

Police have not released whether the intruder had a weapon in his possession, saying the investigation is ongoing.

“This could go on for weeks,” Larsen said.

Allen said he believes the intruder was intoxicated as the teen was slow in his movements and hard to understand.

“He was on something,” Allen said.

The National Rifle Association member said he’s happy he had one of his four guns close by to protect himself, saying the only time he became scared during the encounter was when the intruder grabbed the gun.

“There was no way he was going to get that shotgun ’cuz it’d be a different story all together,” Allen said. “It was either him or me.”

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Great news from John O's Dinner Theatre - they are open for business

Special note: I spoke with Julie Counter at John O's on Wednesday morning; she said that John O's will open for business again on Wednesday, July 1st. Great news! Read more below...

A note from John O. Bohmer.

We have good news for you today. The John O's Dinner Theatre will remain open. Julie Counter, who has been with John O's since it was opened four years ago, will take charge and continue to operate it as in the past. She has some great ideas about improving service and scheduling, she knows the business, and is very capable and well liked by everyone. We give her a ton of best wishes.

I'm sure you remember Ingrid Fauskee, that girl with big ambition and plenty of ideas. She was responsible for setting up and decorating the entire building. She did a remarkable job of giving it the "air of New Orleans" theme which customers liked very much. She had wonderful ideas and knew how to make the building come to life.

That big wonderful building had been empty and unused for more than 20 years, and we wondered what could be done with it. The city was ready to tear it down, which would have been a shame, but no one came up with an idea of how to use it until Ingrid and I got together and decided that Brooten could use a very nice Dinner Theatre. We did it.

Purchasing equipment, wiring, plumbing, decorating, painting, carpets, drapes, and all the necessary things you don't even think of to make it appealing to the public had to be done. Everything had to work. It was hard work, involved long hours, and quite a few sleepless nights. All of the old equipment such as the furnace, air conditioners, water heaters, etc., had to be replaced because of their age. The building had to be insulated, new windows installed. A flat floor installed and partitions moved. There was a never-ending list of things to be done to make it usable and pleasant.

We knew it would take at least a couple years to get it going to be successful, and it did. Not too many people knew where Brooten was, let alone that there was a delightful dinner theatre here. It took a lot of advertising to make that happen. Now people come from far away to enjoy Western Minnesota's only Dinner Theatre.

I believe John O's has been a good addition to Brooten. It has encouraged other development in town, improved the local economy, and given Brooten a boost of morale that is necessary to keep it alive and thriving. The building is an impressive part of our business district, and we appreciate all the support we have received from our local people and our business places.

I never intended or wanted to be the manager. I had no experience in that business. My interest was to put that great building to use to give us a new business in town and perhaps provide a little "class" that customers will remember when they hear the name Brooten. I hope they will remember the great dinner theatre John O's as the place to go for a good meal and entertainment.

Please support Julie and John O's. She will do a good job, make you proud of her, and furnish you with the best food in the "West." Right Dave?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Elrosa Saints lay an egg tonight vs. Richmond, 8-1 loss under the home field lights

The Saints fall to 4-6 in the Stearns County League North division, with only three games remaining on the regular season schedule.

The Saints' next action is on Friday, June 26, when they host St.Martin in Elrosa in an 8:15 game.

Another result from Friday night: St.Martin 10, Meire Grove 3

Sunday's schedule for other SCL teams, all 1:30 games:
Roscoe at Farming
New Munich at Lake Henry
Spring Hill at Greenwald

Update on Sunday night...results from the Sunday games: New Munich and Lake Henry were tied at 2-all after 11 innings when the game was called, it will be made up at a future date.

Spring Hill 13, Greenwald 5

This Elrosa Saints amateur update brought to you by:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Elrosa Saints to host Richmond on Friday night

The Saints vs. Royals game in Stearns County League inter-divisional action will begin at 8:15pm.

More info will be posted on Friday morning.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Coming on Thursday, more photos will be added here from the Meire Grove game, also at an online photo gallery - Photos from John O's posted below

I'll be adding more action shots (examples of what I took on Sunday) to this website and also uploading a few dozen of my best shots at the Sauk Centre Herald online photo gallery.

The link there is:

Here's a video clip from Meire Grove on Sunday afternoon, during the Saints vs. Grovers amateur game.

The Elrosa Saints host Richmond in Stearns County League inter-division action on Friday night, June 19, at 8:15pm.

This local sports update brought to you by John O's Dinner Theater. Their last day of business is this Sunday, June 21. Here's a few pictures from John O's on Wednesday night of this week.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Elrosa Saints trail 2-0 early at Meire Grove, Final: 2-1 Loss... Spring Hill takes over Stearns County League North with 9-8 win at New Munich

Pinch Runner Zach Mages is about to slide in for a successful steal of second base in the top of the 7th inning at Meire Grove. He was left stranded, however, stalled out at third base.
The Elrosa Saints fell behind 2-0 after one inning at Meire Grove today in Stearns County League North action. They went on to lose 2-1, falling prey to a complete-game, two-hit effort by Grovers' starter Matt Imdieke.

The Saints fell into a tie for third place with Meire Grove, with both teams sitting at 4-5 in the SCL-North.

Meanwhile at New Munich, the visiting Spring Hill Chargers defeated the host Silverstreaks 9-8. They were keyed by a three-RBI double which nailed the center field fence by Jamie Terres in the top of the 8th inning.

Corey Schoenberg slides home for the game-winning run at New Munich, as members of the visiting team are shown cheering him on from the dugout.

Scores from around the Stearns County League:
At Lake Henry, the Greenwald Cubs fell to the host Lakers 7-0. The Cubs outhit the Lakers by a 9-7 margin.

Spring Hill is now 6-2 in the SCL-North; New Munich is 6-3. Elrosa is 4-5, with Meire Grove improving to 4-5. Greenwald is in 5th place at 3-5.

This Elrosa Saints amateur baseball update brought to you by:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Stearns County League leading Cornbelt 5-4 after 7 innings - Final is 5-4

Elrosa's Aaron Vogt pitched the 7th and 8th innings for the Stearns County League team, pitching two scoreless innings of relief for the win, striking out two and not allowing a hit.

A great game played out in Elrosa tonight. Both teams finished with 11 hits each, with the Stearns County League earning the game-winning run on a Cornbelt error. The fifth run was set up by Shawn Meyer's (Meire Grove) triple down the right field line. He crossed home plate on a throwing error.

The Elrosa Saints take to the road on Sunday when they travel to Meire Grove to face the Grovers in a 1:30 game in Stearns County League North division action. A win would put the Saints above .500 for the first time this season.

Around the Stearns County League on Sunday: St.Martin at Roscoe, Farming at Richmond, Greenwald at Lake Henry, Spring Hill at New Munich.

In Prep baseball news...The Maccray Wolverines finished their season 24-3 with a state championship effort in a 3-1 win over Wabasha-Kellogg on Friday night.

Summer's here! The forecast for the next week is sun, sun, and more sun, with highs in the 80s most days.

This Stearns County League amateur baseball update brought to you by:

Section 5A baseball champion Browerville/Eagle Valley takes 5th at State Tournament

The Browerville/Eagle Valley Broncos wrapped up their season today with a Consolation Championship win against Chisolm by a 9-2 score. On Thursday night in the consolation semi-finals, the Broncos defeated Northern Freeze 6-3.

They finish with a final record of 17-12. Not bad at all for a team that ended the regular season 9-10!

Sad News From John O's‏ Dinner Theater

A couple snapshots of locals at last December's recording of "On the Road with Jason Davis" at John O's Dinner Theater.

It is with deepest regret and sadness that I have to announce that effective June 21st, 2009, John O’s Dinner Theatre in Brooten, Minnesota will be closing its doors after the final performance of the play. The downturn in the economy and the lack of attendance at many of our scheduled events are the blame for this unforeseen event.

We wish to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all the support you have given us over the years and you were a pleasure to serve meals to and entertain. Without you, the business that we had would not have been possible.

If you have not been out to John O’s recently come out this last week and help us go out with a bang!

We have lunches planned Tuesday thru Saturday next week.

We also have the play THE ARRANGED MARRIAGE which will run June 19th and June 20th dinner seating beginning at 5 PM and Show starting at 7:30 PM and then Sunday June 21st with dinner starting at 2:30 PM and show starting at 4:30 PM.

We will have KARAOKE on Friday night June 19th from 9 PM-1AM!!

Finally, we will have a Father’s Day Brunch on Sunday June 21st, 2009 from 10 AM-1 PM

Please call and make reservations (320)-346-4330 and come out for this final week at John O’s and help us go out with a bang!

Thank you again for your support over the years!

Read more at John O's website:

Thomas J. Rosengren
Marketing Manager

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stearns County League vs. Cornbelt League All-Star amateur baseball game coming to Elrosa on Friday night - 8:15 first pitch

The annual Stearns County League/Cornbelt League amateur All-Star game will be held this Friday, June 12, with an 8:15pm first pitch set at Saints Field in Elrosa. Hopefully Mother Nature has her bearings straight and will deliver great summer weather for what should be a very entertaining night of baseball on the local diamond.

Elrosa Saints players on the SCL roster include Matt Middendorf (shortstop) and Aaron Vogt (pitcher); Lake Henry players include Josh Roelike (pitcher), Mike Stalboerger (2b), and Jon Lieser (catcher); Spring Hill players include Jamie Terres (3b), Corey Schoenberg (OF), Shawn Schoenberg (pitcher), and Nathan Terres (catcher). New Munich's skipper Paul Sand will be manager, with Keith Lieser of Lake Henry providing assistant manager duties.

In Prep State Tournament baseball news, the MACCRAY Wolverines improved to 22-3 overall with a win in the state quarterfinals today over Section 5A champion Browerville/Eagle Valley.

The Wolverines won 10-2, moving on to face Hawley (Section 6A champion) in the semi-finals. MACCRAY then defeated Hawley 7-1 to advance to the state championship game on Friday.

This Elrosa Saints update brought to you by:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A couple photo collections highlighting some of last week's B-B-E area sports action

Be sure to put this Friday night's All-Star game in Elrosa on your calendar, and plan on bringing the family out to what will be an exciting night of baseball at our very own Saints Field. The annual Stearns County League/Cornbelt League all-star game will take place that night, with first pitch at 8:15.

A complete roster for the SCL team is posted further below on this website.

The forecast is for a great day and evening of weather, let's hope it comes true!

This Jaguars/Saints photo collection brought to you by:

Monday, June 08, 2009

What a huge, huge honor for Emily Roelike and Heidi Lensing - Co-Winners of the 2009 West Central Tribune Female Hengstler-Ranweiler Award

The two seniors from B-B-E stood out amongst their fellow 2009 graduates around the area. The more you think about it, the more it makes sense that they were named co-winners of the award.

In the case of Lensing, a few looks at her amazing volleyball hitting skills showcase her talent. I've heard from numerous track and field athletes not only from B-B-E, but other schools, at how impressed they are with Lensing's accomplishments in her spring sport.

With Roelike, I will say that any athlete that Coach Mike Dreier of NL-S fears is worthy of some lofty kudos for her talent as well. (I heard a handful of comments first-hand from Coach Dreier last winter about his thoughts on the explosiveness and speed off the dribble that Roelike possesses.)

This Jaguars sports update brought to you by:

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Elrosa Saints make it four in a row with an 8-1 win at Farming on a very cold, blustery Sunday afternoon

The Elrosa Saints amateur baseball team squared their record at 4-4 in the Stearns County League-North, winning 8-1 on the Farming diamond today.

Other SCL scores from today: New Munich 7, Meire Grove 3. Spring Hill 21, Roscoe 12.

More on today's action will follow later tonight.

Update on the upcoming Stearns County League/Cornbelt League amateur All-Star game: The roster for the SCL team is as follows...
Fielders & DHs
1st Basemen: Wehseler, Chris (FM); Stalboerger, Mike (LH) 2nd Basemen: Schlangen, Nathan (SM); Terres, Jamie (SH) 3rd Basemen: Ruegemer, Scott (RI); Harrison, Josh (SM) Shortstops: Middendorf, Matt (EL); Rothstein, Luke (SM) Outfielders: Schoenberg, Corey (SH); Stangler, Adam (NM); Rothstein, Sam (SM); Klein, Craig (FM); Meyer, Shawn (MG); Worms, Brandon (GW) Designated Hitters: Imdieke, Matt (MG); Savelkoul, Brett (RO)
Pitchers and catchers:
Pitchers: Roelike, Josh (LH); Schlangen, Scott (SM); Schoenberg, Shawn (SH); Engquist, Josh (RI); Vogt, Aaron (EL) Catchers: Terres, Nathan (SH); Lieser, Jon (LH) Manager: Sand, Paul (NM) Assistant Coach: Lieser, Keith (LH)

The SCL is the home team, while the Corn Belt is the visiting team. The game is at Elrosa at 8:15 on Friday, June 12th.

This Elrosa Saints update brought to you by:

Friday, June 05, 2009

Elrosa Saints re-take "The Jug" with a gutsy 4-3 win over Spring Hill

The Elrosa Saints improved to 3-4 overall with a tense, thrilling 4-3 win over visiting Spring Hill on the home diamond tonight.

Spring Hill falls to 4-2 in the SCL-North standings.

It was a heckuva game! About 150 fans were in attendance.

The Saints take to the road on Sunday afternoon (June 7), when they travel to Farming to face the Flames in an SCL inter-league matchup. First pitch is at 1:30.

More will follow on Saturday.

This Elrosa Saints amateur baseball update brought to you by:

Heidi Lensing competes at Class A State Tournament today - Nails down State Hardware in both events!

Coach Richards and a medal-clad Heidi by the State Tournament banner at Hamline University.

(Below) A couple shots of her in action at the 2008 Section 5A meet.

Senior Jaguars girls track and field standout Heidi Lensing is at the Class A tournament today. She is performing at 3pm at Hamline University in the Long Jump and High Jump.

Unofficial results at 4:50pm: Lensing hit an 18-2 in the Long Jump, which is still going. She's got one more jump to go. Two other girls hit 18-5 and 18-8. At this point it appears that Heidi will nail a Top-Five finish in that event. (Awesome!)

In the High Jump, Heidi cleared 5-2. Coach Richards believes she will come in at 6th place. (Awesome!)

So it's almost a sure thing at this point that she picked up two very cool state tournament medals.

As a "team," she earned 12.5 points in the overall standings.

What a way to finish a stellar career at B-B-E.

Update at 8pm...Final results were Heidi earning 3rd place (18-2 1/2) in the Long Jump and a tie for 5th place (5-2) in the High Jump.

In Section 5A baseball news... Browerville/Eagle Valley extended their stunning run through Section 5A by sweeping Royalton in the championship series, winning 11-1 and 2-0. The Royals needed only one win to advance to state, but the Broncos rode the arm of senior ace pitcher Scott Lieser for their second straight trip to the Class A state tournament.

At the Class A State Fastpitch tournament, Section 5A champion Maple Lake made another run to the state championship game, beginning with a 4-3 win in nine innings over Wabasso on Thursday in the quarterfinals.

In Friday's championship, the Irish fell to New Life Academy (dang privates) by a 7-0 score. Maple Lake finishes 23-4-1 overall.

Wabasso, the Section 3A champion, eventually won the Consolation Championship (5th place) in Friday afternoon action.

Come on out to Elrosa tonight! 8:15 first pitch for the "Battle for the Keg" which is with the Chargers coming into the game.

This Jaguars sports state tournament update brought to you by:

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Girls Golf Class A state tournament update - Final results posted

Late Thursday afternoon, I heard that Whitney Bertram shot an unofficial 52 on her first round of nine this morning. According to the report I heard, it was the more difficult "nine" of the meet.

Currently she's just over half ways through her second round of nine.

Update at 8pm...Whitney had a strong finish on her final round of nine today, carding a 45. Added to the 51 she scored this morning, her cumulative total was 192 after all four rounds of nine were taken into account. She ended up tied for 24th with three other golfers.

The 192 beats her total as a junior at "state," when she totaled 195 (13th out of 88 golfers) 2009 a total of 87 girls competed in the Class A state golf tournament.

Section 5A medalist Kelsey Ross of Osakis finished with a 174, good for a two-way tie for sixth place. Ross is just a sophomore.

Now all that's left for B-B-E this year is Heidi Lensing at the Class A Track and Field State Tournament. She performs at 3pm tomorrow (Friday) in both the High Jump and Long Jump finals.

Our neighbors to the west, Minnewaska Area, claimed their fourth straight State Girls Golf championship today at the Ridges at Sand Creek golf course in Jordan, MN. They defeated second-place Red Wing by an incredible 610 to 677 margin.

**A late-evening plug for the Elrosa Saints... they host Spring Hill on Friday night in Elrosa with 8:15 set for the first pitch.

This Jaguars sports state tournament update brought to you by:

North American State Bank welcomes two new staffers, one a 2004 B-B-E grad and former Jaguars tennis standout

(Click on the ad to enlarge it)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Senior Jaguars girls golfer Whitney Bertram competes today and Thursday at "State" - Day 1 results reported below

Whitney Bertram shown at the Section 5A meet during the awards ceremony on May 22. The meet was held at the Little Crow Golf Course by New London.

The Class A State girls golf tournament runs today and Thursday at Pebble Creek Golf Course in Becker, MN. Whitney will be aiming for a top-eight finish, which would earn her a state medal. As a junior in 2008, she finished 11th out of all golfers at the event.

**Update at 4pm...I heard a report from Pebble Creek that Whitney's first round of nine ended with a score of 48. The second round is beginning about now. Tomorrow, two rounds of nine will take place again to wrap up the golf state tournament.

**Update at 8pm...Whitney shot a second-round score identical to the first round, a 48, to complete Day 1 of the state tournament.

A total of 87 golfers are competing in the Class A girls golf tournament.

In post-season awards news...Jaguars fastpitch senior shortstop Emily Roelike was named to the First Team All-Area St.Cloud Times squad for the second year in a row. Quite an honor for the five-year starter. More on that will follow at a later date, as well as in next week's local newspapers.

This was Emily Roelike's profile in the St.Cloud Times in their Wednesday issue: A repeat selection on the Times All-Area first team ... Hit .471 with 32 runs, four doubles, a triple, 35 steals, three home runs and 20 RBI this season ... Did not strike out all season.

More will follow later tonight.

Here's a small "plug" for the Elrosa Saints' action this weekend, a shot of the sign next to Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church on Highway 71.

The final three teams standing in Section 5A baseball as of Tuesday this week were Browerville/Eagle Valley, Upsala-Swanville Area, and Royalton.

On Tuesday, Browerville/Eagle Valley eliminated USA by a narrow margin of 7-6. The following was published in the June 3rd St.Cloud Times: B/EV edged Upsala/Swanville in a Section 5A elimination game. That earns B/EV a trip to the Section 5A finals where the Tigers will face Royalton at 5 p.m. Thursday in Pierz. Browerville must beat the Royals twice to earn a trip to the Class A state tournament. Royalton needs to win just once to advance.

Browerville/Eagle Valley is the defending Section 5A champion. Royalton was champs in 2007, when they finished as Class A Runners-up.

This Jaguars sports state tournament update brought to you by:

Monday, June 01, 2009

Senior track and field phenomenon Heidi Lensing to perform at Class A State meet on Friday

Lensing is shown above flying high during the Long Jump trials at the 2008 Section 5A meet.

Senior Jaguars girls track and field star Heidi Lensing will perform in her third straight State Track and Field tournament this Friday. At 3pm at Hamline University, she will perform in both the Long Jump and High Jump state finals. She placed fifth at "state" in the Long Jump in 2007 before placing eighth in the High Jump in 2008.

Also performing at the State Tournament will be Jaguars girls golfer Whitney Bertram, who is at the Class A tournament this week at Pebble Creek Golf Course in Becker. The dates for that event is Wednesday, June 3 and Thursday, June 4.

Be sure to put Friday, June 12 on your calendar...That's when Elrosa's Saints Field will host the annual Stearns County League/Cornbelt League All-Star game. First pitch will be at 8:15pm.