Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two items and a Speech article link

Starter introductions at Target Center last Saturday...

...and a link to an article with more information on the B-B-E Speech team's performance at the Sub-Section 5A-North meet yesterday:

...while you're here, click on this and read on some very feel-good basketball history from the 1950s:

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Good luck today to the B-B-E Speech Team!

The B-B-E Speech team is competing in the Sub-Section 5A-North meet today in Benson. They are the defending champions.

**Update at 10:30pm...Woo-Hoo! Just heard that they won the 2012 sub-section title!

More details will follow on Saturday morning at

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Adoring fans high-five the Jaguars as they left the court on Saturday, plus two other scenes from State

About a minute after the Jaguars won the state title, following the post-game pileup of players...

I am in the process of putting together individualized DVDs with photos for the players on the team, as well as some video clips from the Section 6A and state tournaments.

Oh, by the way...spring sports start today! The track and field teams were scheduled to go to Rockford for an indoor meet. The first baseball game is at Upsala next Thursday (Apr. 5) with a 4:30pm start time.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Excited B-B-E Jaguar fans get high-fives from the players after winning 'State'

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Another very special moment...

Photo by Cheryl Kampsen
Assistant varsity coach Brad Goodwin stands up after catching his breath and hugs head coach Dave Montbriand. The photo was taken moments after the "championship pileup" took place of the Jaguar players on center-left court at Target Center.

A special thanks to Cheryl Kampsen for all the pictures she got this past winter and shares on Facebook for the B-B-E community. It takes a huge load off of my shoulder knowing someone else is able to get pictures of this team for the athletes and their families to enjoy.

Wow, I just noticed that I added this picture yesterday. I think I'll just leave this one here to illustrate what the last few days have been a word...crazy!

Here's a direct link to my photo albums containing all my photos from the 2012 playoffs...all four Section 6A games and all three state games, plus the Pep Fest/send-off rally.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another awesome shot...taken right after the Jaguars won the state title

Photo by Cheryl Kampsen

I have been buried yesterday and today getting stories cranked out while also going through the 2,000-plus photos taken by myself and the Sauk Herald's other photographer at the state tournament, Tim Mieczkowski.

By Wednesday I should be seeing daylight again and can get more photos and video from the 2012-13 season posted here.


Monday, March 26, 2012

From late in the state championship game...under a minute to go

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The community support of the Jaguars was fantastic

A photo album from the LCA state quarterfinal game by a former Belgrade High graduate's son is on Facebook

Here's the link:

Some great shots on there!

Taken by Dave Madsen, whose father Bruce graduated from Belgrade High School in 1964.

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What a fantastic shot - crowd welcoming home the Jaguars

Photo by Cheryl Kampsen
The crowd swelled to over 700 fans who waited as their state champion B-B-E Jaguars returned to the high school following Saturday's huge win at Target Center. Shown above are just a few of them, including Brian and Connor Goodwin's older brother Matt as well as Amy, their mom.

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Scenes from the 'Barn' prior to the Lakeview Christian Academy game

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A few noteworthy statistics from the state title game

Looking for daylight in the middle of three Jaguar defenders is Southwest Minnesota Christian's Zach Huisken during the 2nd half of the state championship game...Photo by Tim Mieczkowski, Sauk Centre Herald
How evenly matched were the B-B-E Jaguars and the Southwest Minnesota Christian Eagles?

In the game, both teams scored 28 points in the paint; points scored off of turnovers amounted to 22 for B-B-E and only 8 for the Eagles.

Both teams scored 11 second-chance (offensive rebound) points.

Check out that sea of blue at Target Center on Saturday!

Fun facts: under head coach Dave Montbriand, the Jaguars have played in 10 sub-section championship games during his 19 years guiding the program. Over the past four seasons, they've made it to the sub-section finals every year. During the last four years, the Jaguars have won 114 games against only 10 losses.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jaguars welcomed home in style

Photo by Cheryl Kampsen...
I heard it was a packed house! What a way to welcome the team home!

By the way, here's the link to the webpage that includes all the 2012 basketball playoff albums for the boys' basketball team:

Here's the link to a light web article on the state championship game at the Sauk Centre Herald website:

The Jaguars get back to town after winning the state championship...Video by Herman Lensing, Melrose Beacon.

More video, photos, etc. will be posted later on Sunday afternoon.


**Welcome home takes place tonight

The Welcome Home for the 2012 Class A state champion Jaguars boys' basketball team takes place tonight at the B-B-E high school at 7:00pm.

The player bus will loop down Highway 55 and turn by Steel Tank, then come up past the VFW, past the Observer, and then down Main Street up to the high school by 7:00pm or a little after.

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AWESOME! Some bench reaction after the final buzzer...

Minnesota's 2012 Class A state champions!


Believe it!

**Welcome home ceremony is tonight at the B-B-E High School at 7 P.M.!

Some quick post-game statistics: the Jaguars outscored the Eagles 28-15 in the second half. They shot 37 % from the field in the first half and 42 percent in the second; for the game they were 18-of-46 from the field.

Scoring for the Jaguars were Brian Goodwin (29), Billy Borgerding (9), Connor Goodwin (8), James Kuefler (5) and Kirby Montbriand (3).

Both teams earned 6 steals in the game, with the Jaguars having an 18-23 advantage in the turnover department. Montbriand and Brian Goodwin each had two steals to pace the Jaguars in thefts.

Southwest Minnesota Christian shot 34.6% from the field in the game, hitting 18-of-52 shots.

Below, the Class A all-tournament team gathers for photos...

Here's the link to a light web article on the state championship game at the Sauk Centre Herald website:
More coverage will follow on Sunday morning.

This Jaguars sports state tournament update is brought to you by the proud support of:

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Halftime in the state championship: Jaguars trail by four

It's Southwest Minnesota Christian 30, B-B-E 26 at halftime at Target Center.

Brian Goodwin is leading the way for the Jaguars with 13 points. The lead has changed hands numerous times in the first half. James Kuefler's strong move to the hoop on the right baseline tied it at 22-22 with 5:30 remaining. Two bonus free throws by Brian Goodwin tied it at 24-24 with 2:14 left, and the Jaguars were outscored 6-2 in the final 105 seconds.

The second half will begin at 13:15.

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We're tipping off at Target Center at 12:10!

It's the state championship game! You can hear the game on

No updates here will happen until halftime.

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More scenes from the state semifinal battle

Here's one of three albums that will be uploaded on the ML/BO game:

Thanks for the support!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

More coverage coming!

A web article is going up soon on the Sauk Centre Herald website.

This hasn't been a great weekend as far as getting good internet access.

Here's the link:

Here's a fun statistic: the Jaguars outscored the Wolverines in today's semifinal game by a huge 24-6 margin in the paint.

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Scene from the R-P vs. SW MN Christian game

In the final minute of the game...the Eagles of Edgerton executed when it counted and pulled out a 46-44 win after trailing 34-26 with 10:04 left.

The Eagles are 28-1 overall, with their lone loss coming to Class 2A state entrant Worthington 79-78 on Jan. 6.

More updates coming after 7:00pm tonight.

**Don't miss out on extended coverage of the B-B-E Jaguars at the Sauk Centre Herald website at the following page:

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Jaguars WIN state semifinal!

It was a foul fest!...ML-BO was very, very physical. Good thing the Jaguars played on a rugged, sturdy football team last fall! Photo by Tim Mieczkowski, Sauk Centre Herald.

Final score: B-B-E 56, Mountain Lake/Butterfield-Odin 36.

Each team had a player go 1-for-2 at the free throw line in the first 70 seconds of the 2nd half.

It took 3 minutes and 40 seconds to pass in the second half before either team hit a field goal. A three-pointer by Kirby Montbriand at that point made it 40-32 Jaguars. A tip-in shot by Billy Borgerding gave the Jaguars a 43-32 lead, and from there on out they were up by double digits to the final horn.
Incredible: the Jaguars held the Wolverines to 2-of-22 shooting from the field and only five second-half points. ML-BO's defense was pretty good as well, giving up 20 points to the Jaguars after halftime. B-B-E shot 7-for-27 from the floor in the second half.

A rough-looking video of the final seconds of today's game...

In the second semifinal game, the Rushford-Peterson team is on a 7-0 run that put them up 9-7 with about 5 minutes gone against #2-seeded Southwest Minnesota Christian.

With 6:26 left before halftime, R-P leads 18-17.

At halftime, R-P had a 28-22 lead.

Now in the second half with under 8 minutes remaining, R-P leads 34-30. They did have a 34-26 lead a few minutes ago.

Then a three-point play by the Eagles' #41 made it a one-point game with 7:50 left! It's 34-33, and Southwest MN Christian is on a 7-0 run. R-P broke the run with a bucket to go up 36-33 with 7 minutes left.

**Update: Southwest Minnesota Christian was the better team in the final 2 minutes of the game, and they beat R-P 46-44 to advance to the Class A state championship game.

Here's a link to my photo gallery (incomplete) from the state quarterfinals:

Stay tuned for more updates! The Minnesota Timberwolves have a fantastic wireless network in the Target Center's media room.

This Jaguars boys' basketball state tournament update is brought to you the proud support of:

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This is intense! Jaguars lead by five at halftime

The Jaguars had plenty to cheer for today, even with ML-BO keeping the first half close through the entire 18 minutes...
At halftime, the Jaguars boys' basketball team holds a narrow 36-31 lead over the ML-BO Wolverines.

Halftime shooting stats: B-B-E is 12-34 on field goals; MLBO is 12-23. The Jaguars are 9-13 from the line, while the Wolverines are 2-4.

MLBO has a small 19-18 lead in the rebounding category. In turnovers, though, the Jaguars are +10 with 14 turnovers on MLBO and only 4 for B-B-E.

Noteworthy: three MLBO starters have three fouls apiece...#30, #32 and #44.

The 2nd half will begin at 13:17.

How about some props for the B-B-E Pep Band! at Target Center.

This Jaguars boys' basketball state tournament update is brought to you by the proud support of:

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Eight minutes from tip-off...

The Jaguars took the court for pre-game drills at 11:44am. Now, at 12pm, the pregame clock shows 8 minutes winding down. I'm estimating the B-B-E crowd at over 1,500 at this point, and it appears that it will approach 2,000 fans before tip off.


There will be no updates until halftime...

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It's GO time!

So was sleeping a challenge for anyone else out there in Jaguar Nation?


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Article posted at the Herald website with more highlights from today's game

Click to read it:

I took 540 pictures at the game. Broke my old "event" record of 470 (set at the Ada-Borup game)...generally I shoot between 100 and 300 pictures at a sporting event. I went a little overboard today! It will take quite awhile to get them uploaded to my Sauk Centre Herald photo gallery. That will be completed sometime Friday morning.

Here's the player introduction today...about a 3 1/2 minute clip...

...and while you're at it, check out this blog that has very good recaps and notes from all the Class A games:

Just noticed this before calling it quits tonight...this B-B-E Jaguar website has gotten 1,237 hits just today. That's one percent of all the hits it's gotten in it's 6 1/2-year lifetime! The hit counter shows:
117,700 - 23:00 hrs. March 21, 2012
118,937 - 23:38 hrs. March 22, 2012

This website has had 857 unique visitors (actual people going to the site) today alone. The old record in 2012 was 505 on Saturday, March 17.

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More scenes from STATE!

Below, the B-B-E Acoustics, led by Choir instructor Katy Westrom, performed the National Anthem prior to tip off...

Check out that awesome crowd!

What an amazing day for Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa! Let's have more of it over the next two days.

**Click at the following link for another video clip featuring the B-B-E Pep Band:

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**Fan bus/Charter bus information

Real quick:

You can call the B-B-E elementary school and leave a message on Jodi Carda's voice mail to reserve a spot on the charter buses that are leaving at 9:00am (Brooten) and 9:15am (Belgrade) on Friday morning for Target Center.

320-346-2278 - extension 1218

Cost is $10 for adults. I forgot what the cost is for kids. You can call Jodi's number into the night and leave a message. She'll be checking her messages into the evening.

Regular school buses are also going, with $5 for adults and $3 for kids. I don't have complete information on how to register for that.

**Click on this link for a video clip of the B-B-E Pep Band prior to the game this morning at the Barn:

Here's a final score from another Class A quarterfinal game: #2-seeded Southwest Minnesota Christian 59, Fosston 41.

In the final Class A quarterfinal of today, #3-seeded Rushford Peterson is beating Prairie Seeds 55-52 with 6 minutes left in the game.

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Notes on Browerville vs. ML/BO (from the MSHSL)

Senior center Beau Herrig poured in 30 points and hauled in 15 rebounds to lead Mountain Lake/Butterfield-Odin to a 73-61 victory over fourth-seeded Browerville in the MSHSL Class A quarterfinals at Williams Arena.

Herrig used muscle and long-distance shooting as he made 9-15 from the floor and 4-5 from three-point range.

Carter Kirk also added a double-double inside for MLBO with 13 points and 13 rebounds. Cody Penner contributed 15 points and six assists.

Browerville was led by Seth Christensen's 21 points and 10 rebounds while Mitch Heid and Seth Kellen each scored 15 points. Kyle Petermeier was solid all-around with 8 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists.

Browerville held a 7-point lead with just under 15 minutes to play in the closely contested game.

Trailing 52-47 with just over 10 minutes to play, MLBO made their run. They'd outscore Browerville 26-9 in the final 10:04 to secure the victory.

Mt. Lake/Butterfield vs Browerville
03/22/12 1:00 p.m. at Williams Arena, Minneapolis, Minn.
At Williams Arena, Minneapolis, Minn.


Herrig, Beau 9-15 8-13 30; Penner, Cody 5-15 4-6 15; Kirk, Carter 6-13 1-4
13; Thiessen, Kyle 3-6 0-0 8; Hempeck, Andrew 2-5 0-4 5; Donkhong, Tony 1-1
0-0 2; Kirk, Jordan 0-0 0-0 0; Oeltjenbruns, Dylan 0-0 0-0 0; Friesen, Tyler
0-0 0-0 0; Grev, Kaleb 0-1 0-0 0; Grev, Josh 0-0 0-0 0; Schultz, Alex 0-0
0-0 0; Soutthivong, Billy 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 26-56 13-27 73.

Christensen, Seth 10-17 1-3 21; Kellen, Seth 6-21 0-0 15; Heid, Mitch 6-13
2-5 15; Petermeier, Kyle 1-12 5-7 8; Dreher, Brad 1-3 0-0 2; Goligowski, Max
0-0 0-0 0; Hansmeyer, Cody 0-0 0-0 0; Burns, Connor 0-1 0-0 0; Host, Alex
0-1 0-0 0; Iten, Jake 0-0 0-0 0; Polak, Jackson 0-0 0-0 0; Thielen, Jordan
0-0 0-0 0; Johnson, Trent 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 24-68 8-15 61.

Mt. Lake/Butterfield.......... 38 35 - 73
Browerville................... 37 24 - 61

3-point goals--Mt. Lake/Butterfield 8-17 (Herrig, Beau 4-5; Thiessen, Kyle
2-5; Penner, Cody 1-4; Hempeck, Andrew 1-3), Browerville 5-18 (Kellen, Seth
3-10; Heid, Mitch 1-5; Petermeier, Kyle 1-2; Host, Alex 0-1). Fouled
out--Mt. Lake/Butterfield-None, Browerville-None. Rebounds--Mt.
Lake/Butterfield 44 (Herrig, Beau 15), Browerville 42 (Christensen, Seth
10). Assists--Mt. Lake/Butterfield 18 (Penner, Cody 6), Browerville 14
(Petermeier, Kyle 7). Total fouls--Mt. Lake/Butterfield 19, Browerville 20.
Technical fouls--Mt. Lake/Butterfield-None, Browerville-None.

State tournament update: bring on ML-BO!

Mountain Lake/Butterfield-Odin, champion of Section 2A, pulled off a 73-61 upset win over #4-seeded Browerville today in the second Class A quarterfinal game at Williams Arena.

Fun fact about ML-BO: the Wolverines held their Section 2A championship game opponent, Sleepy Eye St. Mary's, to 4-of-40 shooting on the three-point line. Wow. That same St. Mary's team put up 105 points in a 105-100 win over A-C-GC in the sub-section semifinals, then beat Cedar Mountain/Comfrey 88-66 in the sub-section finals.

MLBO held St. Mary's to 56 points in a 72-56 win in the Section 2A final. The Wolverines take a 25-5 overall record into the Class A Final Four.

The Jaguars will face ML-BO tomorrow at high Noon in the Class A semifinals at Target Center.

Stay tuned. The internet at McDonald's in Monticello is "okay" but still not fast enough to get me on Youtube.

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Though the lead still isn't enough...Jaguars are up 32-15 in the 1st half...*then they WIN!

The final score today at Williams Arena!

Brian Goodwin pulls off the gas during the second half and passes out to Billy Borgerding...over Brian's shoulder is Anders Broman (#10) of Lakeview Christian Academy...

In the first half with 6 minutes left, the Jaguars boys' basketball team is up 32-15 over Lakeview Christian Academy in the state Class A quarterfinals at Williams Arena.

With 4:30 left, it's 38-20.

It's still a battle despite the score. The Jaguars need to maintain that huge lead!

A three-point play by Connor Goodwin with 8 seconds on the clock made the score 47-39, which stood at halftime.

BBE - CG 15, BB and BG 10 each, KM 6, Trey 5, JK 1
18/34 FG, 3/6 3-PT

LCA - BBroman 16, Josh? 12, AB 8, Lucas B 2 and ???
10/33 FG, 7/20 3-PT

Rebounds: BBE 21, LCA 20
Turnovers: BBE 8, LCA 10

Final score: B-B-E 85, Lakeview Christian Academy 76!

The great Anders Broman, and I am not kidding about the "great" part...was held to only 5-of-19 shooting from the field today by a variety of Jaguar defenses. He played 33 of 36 minutes and went 2-of-10 beyond the arc. He was 6-of-7 at the line. His scoring total was 18 points, well below his average of 44.59 coming into the tournament.

The wireless internet at the Barn is painfully slow. I am talking slower than dial-up speed! I will be updating this during a stop on the trip back to Sauk Centre.

The Jaguars face either Broweville or Mountain Lake/Butterfield-Odin at 12:00pm (noon) on Friday at the Target Center.

B-B-E is Final Four bound again!!!!

In this photo, you can see just a fraction of the nearly 1,800 B-B-E fans who were at the game today...

In the second game at Williams Arena, 4th-seeded Browerville fell back 7-2 before getting the deficit down to 7-6 with 14 minutes left in the first half.
With 12:30 left, the Tigers tied it at 8-8. Then they tied it at 10-10 with 12:10 left. MLBO went up 12-10 with 12 minutes remaining.

A bucket by Browerville's #22 tied it at 12-12 with 11:30 left. Then number 50 for Browerville, a long, athletic post player, pounded in a shot off the glass to put the Tigers up 14-12 with 11:15 on the clock.

MLBO's #44 hit a three-pointer to put them back on top by a 17-14 score with 10:20 left. At the 9:50 mark, the same guy hit a three on the same spot for a 20-14 advantage. Browerville's #50 hit inside to make it 20-16 with 9:30 left.

Wow. Browerville's #22 pulled up from down town and hit a 3-point bomb with 7:40 left to tie the game at 26-26. The Tigers did trail 24-20 a couple minutes earlier in the game.

Time to go.

This Jaguar sports state tournament boys' basketball update is brought to you by the proud support of:

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More from the Pep Fest and send-off rally this morning

Three of the "cheerleaders" during mock tryouts at the Pep Fest...

Mr. Gossen speaking and the beginning of the Pep Fest...

...and in this 7-minute clip, some cheerleaders jazz up the Pep Fest!

Below is a link to an article at the Sauk Centre Herald website from the Pep Fest, including a couple photos and another video clip:
**Late on Wednesday night I added new content to the post below and the current one here. So much content to get out to my viewers! It's an exciting time in Jaguar Nation.

This Jaguar sports boys' basketball playoff update is brought to you by the proud support of:

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A terribly exciting, touching Pep Fest is held at B-B-E

A crowd of about 650 students gathered this morning at the B-B-E High School gymnasium for a rousing Pep Fest and send-off rally for the state-tournament bound B-B-E Jaguar boys' basketball team. The Pep Fest had it all, a speedy robot, dancing cheerleaders, energetic elementary-age fans as well as a sharp-sounding Pep Band that livened up the atmosphere for all who attended.

Getting the Pep Fest warmed up...

...and while the following video does not do justice to the talent displayed here, you can get an idea of the "Thriller" rendition by staff members of the B-B-E Elementary school...

While watching the K-12 student body go through single-file alongside the boys' basketball players and student managers giving high fives and wishing the state-bound group good luck, the "B-B-E school pride" was about as high as I've ever seen it. It was touching. I have never been prouder to be a Jaguar.

Below, students give high fives to the players and managers on the team...

These younger kids will rave about this for quite awhile. The really neat part about all of it is that they'll go home and recount the pep fest to their parents and beam with pride that they got to meet every one of the Jaguars today.


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Pick up a B-B-E Jaguar boys' basketball poster today! They are scattered around the businesses of B-B-E

While I would love to have the time to get posters distributed to all businesses in our B-B-E community, I have only been able to get to a fraction of all of them in the past day. The posters were developed and printed by the Sauk Centre Herald on Monday night this week.

The three banks (CMCU, Bonanza Valley State Bank, and the two branches of North American State Bank) have a large amount to distribute.

At some point, they will all run out. So grab yours today!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Way to go B-B-E Speech team!

Another great-looking trophy will be added to the high school trophy case this year, as the B-B-E Speech team won the 2012 Central Minnesota Conference meet on Monday.

Click here to read a brief article at the Sauk Centre Herald website with more information on the 2012 CMC meet:

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More video footage from Concordia

From the first half with about 4 minutes left...

Cutting down the nets at Concordia...

(Above videos added late Tuesday night)

**Don't forget...the Pep Fest and send-off rally is at 10:30am on Wednesday morning at the high school. It will include the entire K-12 student body and will end at 11am, when the team departs for Minneapolis!
...and you can probably bet that by lunch time on Wednesday you'll be able to watch parts of the Pep Fest right here on this website.

While I've got your attention, here's the direct link to my Sauk Centre Herald photo gallery with all my boys' basketball playoff albums:

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A quick thought.

Having to create "state" folders for B-B-E teams on my computers will never get old. Let's hope something special happens for the upcoming state tournament later this week!

I've got "state" folders in 2005 with volleyball, 2006 with wrestling and track and field, 2007 with track and field and also volleyball, 2008 with track and field and volleyball, 2009 with track and field, 2010 with volleyball, 2011 with boys' basketball and now 2012 with boys' basketball.

I look for B-B-E athletes to keep that type of action coming for many years in the future.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

More on Anders Broman, junior points machine for Lakeview Christian Academy

Below, somebody who I don't know with the Youtube usename 'hexplosion7' spent hours and hours editing this very worth-watching video clip that shows every bucket that Anders Broman drained on his way to 71 points against Melrose on Feb. 25...he had 6 rebounds, 9 assists while shooting 17-for-24 from the floor (8-13 on the arc) and 13-for-14 at the line. Melrose won the game 114-110.

Anders Broman, a 6'1" junior guard for Lakeview Christian Academy, had a per-game scoring average for 2011-12 of 44.59 entering the Section 7A championship.

Below is his year-by-year scoring summary; he has been playing varsity basketball with the Lions since his freshmen season, when they finished 17-11 overall. Last year, Lakeview Christian Academy went 28-2 before losing in the Section 7A championship to Chisolm.

**Junior season: 44.59 points per game during 2011-2012 season in 29 games (1293 points)
**Sophomore season: 37.3 points per game during 2010-2011 season in 30 games (1119 points)
**Freshman season: 32.2 points per game during 2009-2010 season in 28 games (901 points)

Below is a noteworthy comment left by a basketball fan in March 2011 on a basketball forum about Lakeview Christian Academy: "Anders is a great player no doubt about it, he is the best player in the state, but Lakeview isn't what people are saying they are, and that is a one man show. If Lakeview didn't have players like Luke Boarchard (who would be the number one guy on any other team) or Bjorn Broman (Ander's little brother, who is a great point guard) they wouldn't be as good as they are. Keep that in mind, even though Anders is the best in the state, Lakeview is not a one man show."

...and another comment by another fan in March 2011, who was speaking mostly in regards to what it takes to be successful at the state tournament: "Now, I made this comment in regards to tournament play. In the state tourney, you have to have five players who can be relied upon to make an open shot (lay-up/jumper), play sound defense, manage the ball with defender in their face (not turn it over). Weak links in the state tourney are exposed. A kid like that i call a liability (sorry kid, it's the most accurate word i could come up with). You can't have a liability at the state tourney. Now, 5 kids is nice, but you really have to have a couple coming off the bench too. Sebeka in 2009 had no bench play and that's in large part why they lost.:

...and here's a comment given on March 20, 2011, after LCA lost a bid to get to 'state' in the Section 7A final: "They stuck a box and one on Anders. Had a tough time finding any openings.

I think next year he comes back with the ability to get a shot off quicker with a man in his face. His delivery will be quicker. Imagine Anders next year with the ability to pull up in your eye...and he'll only be a junior.

Next year Anders and Bjorn are best guard combo in the state."

What I've quickly learned is that you can Google "Anders Broman" or do a search of his name on Youtube and quickly find dozens of video clips of him. He gets an incredible amount of publicity, and rightly so.

Below, a clip of Bjorn Broman highlights vs. Duluth East and Melrose...he is Anders' 9th grade brother...

More scenes from last week

The "white out" was fantastic in showing support for the Jaguars against Ada-Borup...

Video available for a limited time...
First half action against Ada-Borup...

The final moments of the Section 6A championship, and the post-game madness...

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Post-game interviews were plentiful after the Jaguars beat Ada-Borup

Bill Dean with 106.5 FM the Train...

...and Dave McClurg with Smooth Magic 107 of Glenwood (107.1 FM).

Finally got all photos uploaded from Moorhead on Friday here:

**Announcement on Sunday night: a Pep Fest and "Send Off" rally for the Jaguars will be at 10:30am on Wednesday morning at the high school. It will include the entire K-12 student body.

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