Monday, March 31, 2014


A post-prom meeting is scheduled for tonight at 6:30pm at Coops Corner.

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Setting sail for the Bahamas

Above is the ship that the B-B-E band and choir will load later this afternoon as they are on their way to the Bahamas! Let's all pray for their safety and hope they have a great time.

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(Video) Sub-Section champions!

Here's the trophy presentation on Friday night in Paynesville:


Sunday, March 30, 2014

More from sub-section speech

The Jaguars earned six categorical sub-section championships out of 13 possible. What a way to clean up on the awards! Great job! 

What a great time to be a part of the B-B-E speech team! Good luck at the Section 5A meet! That will be held on Saturday, April 5 in Melrose.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Goodwin's game two at MBCA All-Star series

Brian Goodwin scored 9 points tonight for the Minnesota Basketball Coaches Association Gold team in the All-Star series. His team fell in a close game 112-107 to the MBCA Blue team. After winning last night's three-point contest at halftime, tonight Goodwin took runner-up honors with 18. Jake Wright of Hopkins connected on 19 threes; he is attending The Citadel next year on a Division I scholarship.


Goodwin lights up Halenbeck Hall

Brian Goodwin led the MBCA All-Star Gold team to a 113-102 win over the Green team on Friday night at SCSU. He also won the three-point shooting contest at halftime.


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Friday, March 28, 2014

B-B-E speech team rocks the night at subsections

Team champions!! W2G!

In a stellar showing at the Sub-Section 5A-19 meet in Paynesville tonight, the B-B-E speech team surpassed strong challenges by Sauk Centre and Melrose Area to earn first place. They went in like a well-tuned machine and walked away with a pile of hardware to show for it and a long, long list of placewinners.

Here are B-B-E's sub-section speech champions!
Joe Reller/Riley Schumann (duo), Treven Quade (drama), Nick Steinhofer (extemporaneous speaking), Tiras Dotson (humorous), Katie Hieserich (original oratory), Hannah Rach (poetry).

And the remaining awards/placewinners: 
2nd place: Isaiah Mitchell (creative), Kayle Benesh (extemporaneous reading), Mariah McDonough (great speeches), Ashlyn Jenc (informative), Molly Tengwall (storytelling).
3rd place: Ella Prokassin (drama), Shawn Felling (extemporaneous speaking), Mallory Bents (great speeches), Adrian Laage (humorous), Tyler Bents/Abraham Peter (duo)
4th place: Austin Meyer (drama), Courtney Brandt (extemporaneous reading)
5th place: Trustin Ziemer (discussion), Alex Schramel (extemporaneous reading)
6th place: Andrew Reps (discussion), Jaden Gossen (extemporaneous reading)
7th place: (Alternate to Sections) Stephanie Korf (drama)
Not placing but contributing to the massive pile of team points: Aspen Peterson, Discussion and Riley Lenarz, Informative (both just seventh graders)

Here are the team scores...and yes they are accurate!
1st) B-B-E 280
2nd) Sauk Centre 172
3rd) Melrose Area 157

The 4th-8th place teams weren't named...but here's the other schools participating: Albany, Benson, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, Paynesville Area and Swanville.

The top six finishers in each of the 13 categories move on to the Section 5A meet in Melrose next Saturday, April 5.

Here's a 16-minute video from the awards ceremony at the Sauk Centre Herald website:

Here's a photo gallery at the Sauk Centre Herald website:

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Water services coming back in Brooten

Along the southern-most block of Pleasant Avenue in Brooten...a herculean effort by city workers and Brooten Fire Department members resulted in water services being restored in Brooten.

Here's a short video clip:

More will be posted as things improve. More work will be completed along this street on Saturday morning. The majority of homes in Brooten have water again. It looks like we were without water for about 2 hours.

Here's a short web article at the Sauk Centre Herald website:

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BBE speech team rules!!!

The B-B-E speech team won the subsection meet in Paynesville tonight!! Woo hoo! It's their first sub-section title since 2012.

Sauk Centre was 2nd and Melrose 3rd.

I have to deal with no water at home...not good.

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Water out in Brooten

The water main broke in Brooten. Not good!!

On a brighter note, the BBE speech team is subsection champions!!!!


While I have no intention on giving any publicity to what happened at lunch time yesterday (no one got hurt, so settle down people) apparently WCCO has other ideas. I hope they leave it alone. **Update: it's not newsworthy as I didn't gain traction with WCCO. That is how it should be. Why glorify it?

I am not terribly upset about what the kids did. It wasn't that smart in my opinion, but what I really worry about ... every day in fact ... is what type of trouble kids can get into at night, on weekends, partying, drinking, etc. That is what really troubles me. I honestly haven't heard of much alcohol-related stupidity going on in Jaguar Country. I'm sure it still happens.

That's what I really ask people/parents/adults to worry about and try to prevent. I see enough news stories about schools dealing with the deaths of children, whether by accident or by stupidity. The latest being at Dawson-Boyd high school.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

(Video) Post-season banquet in Padua

Here's some video from towards the end of the talk by Coach Montbriand:

By the way, good luck to the B-B-E speech team! They travel to the sub-section meet tomorrow in Paynesville.


Sharing this

Check out the photo attached with this story...can't help but share this. Awesome stuff!


B-B-E schools closing early

B-B-E is closing early on Thursday, March 27 at 2:30pm. The road conditions are not nice out there. No after-school events or evening classes.

According to the school announcement...the buses will load at 2:30 parents, get ready for kids to come home early!!!

And sadly, this also means the B-B-E student variety show will be postponed again...a second time. Ugh!!!

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A day off

As you can tell, I haven't been on here since late Tuesday night. For the first time since a summer family vacation last year to Wisconsin Dells, I went a whole day without logging into here to write or post something. I truly took the day off. I didn't spent a minute doing anything work-related on the computer. In fact, I ended up spending many hours glued to the DVD player watching Season 4 of 24.  I made the mistake to think I could just watch the first two hours of Season 4 and then move on to something else. Nope!! That show is too addicting!! The end result was me getting a full day's worth break from work, which truly hasn't happened (not even on a day like Christmas day) since the first few days of last August.

I'm not sure how many people will read this, but I really want to share thoughts I had this morning while turning in a yearbook order at the B-B-E elementary school office. I noticed my former 4th grade teacher, Mr. Lundquist, walking down the hall with a couple students. He is a regular substitute teacher at B-B-E elementary who I've known since 1987. (Boy do I feel old!) We are truly blessed to have his experience, knowledge and compassion for students available long after he retired from being a full-time teacher. (Not sure when that was, but I think he started teaching at Brooten elementary in 1971.)

I just barely overheard him talking to the student to his left, and I honestly don't even remember exactly what they were saying. What stuck with me was how he was talking, how he asked questions and how he replied to what the student said. You couldn't help but notice how genuine and authentic he was. In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, too often that type of human interaction seems to be missing.

Luckily it's not missing at B-B-E schools. Literally every day of the week I see or hear the actions and hard work of the staff (and I mean all staff from janitors, teachers, administrators, coaches, paras, cooks, etc.) and am overjoyed that our children can attend school here. If your family doesn't live here, or if your children aren't going to school here, you're missing out...just my humble opinion!

With that said here's a shameless plug for 24: Live Another Day !

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Great families, great parents = great teams!!

Senior award-winners are shown above.

The Jaguars boys' basketball team, basking in the well-deserved glory of winning their second state championship in three years, held the post-season awards banquet at the Padua Pub tonight.

While it'll take days to digest all that was said and review all the video that I got, one thing stood out in my mind as I drove home. During his lengthy speech, Coach Montbriand made more than one reference to the players' parents who had a large role in what happened at B-B-E this month.

Other awards and notes will be posted later tonight on the C, JV and varsity squads, plus some great quotes that I'll share later on. I spent a little over 2 hours away from my family so I'm gonna put my computer to sleep for awhile.

Before I forget to's information on how you can order limited-edition state championship apparel!!! Exciting!

If you've got some free time, feel free to take in part of tonight's banquet. Here's the beginning of Coach Montbriand's time talking to the crowd gathered.

And here's Coach Brower and Coach Goodwin talking:

It was a blast!! It's sad that such fun and excitement always has to come to an end somehow. We're so lucky and blessed the way things ended on that wonderful championship Saturday, March 15, 2014!

This is really exciting: this week Wednesday and Thursday, you can hear special interviews with members of this year's state championship team with D-Mac at Smooth Magic 107.1 FM. I missed out on announcing the lineup for Monday and Tuesday...sorry about that. These interviews begin airing around 4:15pm to coincide with the end of the school day.

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Rambow's state champion store!

Click on the link to pull up an online store for B-B-E Jaguar state championship apparel:

The order form code is BBEBKB

Also, the deadline to order is April 8, 2014! That's a firm end date so the orders can be printed and returned back to the schools for dispersal for customers.

This is AWESOME!!!  

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Thinking spring!

While we still have a couple winter sports team banquets (both basketball teams) scheduled this week, I am chomping at the bit to see our spring sports teams get into action. The warmer weather can't come soon enough!

Here's a track and field announcment:
There will be a parent meeting for track on Thursday, March 27 at 6:30 at the high school. Please put this on your calendar and attend with your son and/or daughter. Mr. Lagergren will be going over team policies and expectations.

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Variety show!

Plan on coming!

It's a fundraiser for the B-B-E music department.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014


BBE has school tomorrow. Monday March 24.

Elementary wrestlers qualify more for state

At NL-S on Saturday, 21 B-B-E elementary Jaguar wrestlers competed in the NYWA Region IV tournament. Seven of the 21 qualified for the state tournament in April with 1st/2nd/3rd-place finishes. Four of the seven took first place. Bravo!

Another 7 of the 21 took 4th/5th/6th place.

On Friday seventh grader Tyler Bents qualified for the state tournament in the 7th/8th grade division. He split time competing this past season in JV and varsity matches during the regular season and Section 5A tournament for the Jaguars.

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R-P's Coach Vix post-game

Here's a clearly dejected Coach Vix following R-P's loss to the Jaguars in the state title game.

I didn't record the entire interview, but it was classy all the way. Outstanding sportsmanship in a difficult situation following a hard-fought loss. We've been there, and it's tough to swallow. This is a well-coached program top to bottom. Hats off to the Trojans! I'd hope (and I'm sure we would) be as classy if we had lost that game as you and your players were.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Welcome home ceremony!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Conference champions!!!!

The speech team with their conference champion trophy!


After a terrific night of speeches and performances tonight in Eden Valley, the B-B-E speech team is back on top of the Central Minnesota Conference! First place and another trophy in the high school trophy case!

Icing on the cake is having 7 team members taking first place in their events. GREAT JOB! As I've said repeatedly here, hard work indeed pays off!

B-B-E's 2014 individual/duo CMC champions are:
Treven Quade, Drama
Joe Reller/Riley Schumann, Duo Interp
Courtney Brandt, Ex. Reading
Tiras Dotson, Humorous
Katie Hieserich, Original Oratory
Mariah Heinze, Prose

CMC runners-up from B-B-E were: Kayle Benesh, Ex. Reading; Shawn Felling, Ex. Speaking; Hannah Rach, Poetry.

And other placewinners!
3rd place = Isaiah Mitchell, Creative; Austin Meyer, Drama; Tyler Bents/Abe Peter, Duo; Alex Schramel, Ex. Reading; Nick Steinhofer, Ex. Speaking; Ashlyn Jenc, Informative; Jessica Raveling, Prose; Molly Tengwall, Storytelling.

4th place = Mallory Bents, Great Speeches; Adrian Laage, Humorous.

6th place = Ella Prokassin, Drama; Jaden Gossen, Ex. Reading; Erin Rooney, Original Oratory.

Back in the 2006 season, the B-B-E speech team emerged as CMC champions for the first time in school history. Since then they were also CMC champions in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012. This year is the 6th time they've become CMC champs! Woo hoo!

Up next: the B-B-E speech team travels to Cambridge this Saturday (3/22) for the final regular season meet. Then they set their sights on the Sub-Section 5A-19 meet next Friday, March 29 at Paynesville high school. They took second place last year and have every intention on going in at full steam and taking the championship! It'll be exciting to see how things turn out.

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New date for variety show!

The B-B-E student variety show, a Music Department fundraiser, is on Thursday, March 27 at the high school starting at 7:30pm.

Mark it on your calendars! Don't miss out!

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Go get 'em, speech team!!

Loaded on the bus and ready for the trip to Eden Valley!

The B-B-E speech team, with numbers much stronger than last season when they finished 3rd, are geared up and excited for an attempt to return to the top of the pack in the Central Minnesota Conference this season. They headed out this afternoon for the CMC meet at Eden Valley-Watkins high school.

They were last CMC champions in 2012.

Check back tonight for results!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vote for Brian Goodwin!

Brian Goodwin with D-Mac after the Jaguars beat Minnewaska 75-53 on the road on December 21, 2012.

Brian Goodwin is a semifinalist in an Aspire beverages-sponsored basketball contest. Click on the link below to read more and to vote for him:

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More on our Jaguar youth wrestlers

The B-B-E elementary Jaguar wrestlers battled at the Region IV tournament on Saturday in Pierz. Out of 11 teams, the top six advance to the Northland Youth Wrestling Association team state tournament in April.

Team standings:
1. New London-Spicer
2. Willmar
3. A-C-GC
4. D-B/LQPV/Montevideo United
5. Sauk Rapids
6. B-B-E
7. Foley
8. Little Falls

In the winner's bracket, the youth Jaguars went toe to toe with powerhouse New London-Spicer but came up short by the smallest of margins in a one-point dual loss, 33-32. With a huge task ahead of them, the Jaguars then powered their way back through the wrestleback matches and faced another state powerhouse, Foley, for the final region spot that can go to state. They put it all on the mats and beat the Falcons 43-28 for the huge team achievement!

It's the first time in school history that the Jaguar elementary wrestling team will compete at state.

Wrestleback round results: B-B-E 51, Prairie Valley 27; Sauk Rapids-Rice 50, B-B-E 35; B-B-E 45, Little Falls 33.

The NYWA K-6 state tournament is Friday through Sunday, April 5th-6th at the Rochester Mayo Civic Center. It will be a grand time for our Jaguars!

This weekend at NL-S, the NYWA Region IV individual tournament will take place. The Jaguars will be at this tournament as well while trying to earn individual spots at state.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tyus Jones is Mr. Basketball

The announcement was released a couple hours ago.

Here's some exciting news for B-B-E fans: Brian Goodwin was selected to play in the Minnesota Basketball Coaches Association (MBCA) All-Star Series on March 28 and March 29 in St. Cloud and St. Paul.

Here's Goodwin's team, dubbed the Gold team:
Coach Scott Swansson, Woodbury
Ass't Coach: Greg Schmitz, Woodbury

Wheeler Baker, Osseo
JR Bascom, Blake
Ryan Casperson, R'Dale Armstrong
Pierre Conwell, St. Paul Johnson
Kory Deadrick, Esko
Brian Goodwin, B-B-E
Michael Gorder, Eagan
Jake Johnson, St. Francis
Mitch Pfingsten, Fairmont
Zach Wessels, Austin

Goodwin's Gold team tips off against the Green team at 7:00pm Friday at Halenbeck Hall, SCSU.

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Mr. Basketball announcement

The winner out of the 5 finalists will be announced at 5:00pm on ESPN 1500 AM radio today.

BBE closing early

At 12:30 today.

The crazy winter continues...

Monday, March 17, 2014

Love that trophy hoisting moment!!

Good times!!

...and a trophy hoist moment at the end of the welcome home ceremony Saturday night.

See more pictures in multiple albums at the following link from B-B-E's basketball playoff nights:

One album left to upload (from after the game Saturday) and I doubt I'll get to that until Wednesday.

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Variety show is at 7:30

It's at 7:30 tomorrow night, not 7 as I said the high school as a B-B-E music department fundraiser. Tickets available at the door: $3 for Students and $5 for Adults.

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State champion T-shirts available!

Click to enlarge this JPEG.

Click on the graphic to print it and fill it out and get payment to either school. It looks like a limited number will be printed, so get your order in Tuesday or Wednesday this week if possible.

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St. Patrick's Day in Padua!

Their parade outside the Padua Pub starts at 1:00pm. Looks like the weather will cooperate just fine.

I will miss it unfortunately. Too much writing left to do. I'm sure I'll see photos from Padua on Facebook that I can repost.

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Soaking it up!

At Target Center on Saturday afternoon:


Mr. Basketball

No word yet on that award...I expect a release at some point today.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Student Variety show is Tuesday

It's at the high school at 7:00pm 7:30pm (this Tuesday, March 18)...sponsored by the B-B-E Music department as a fundraiser.

Tickets available at the door: $3 for Students and $5 for Adults. Should be a good time! And definitely a worthy cause to support.

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Revving up the crowd at state

Here's a clip during a timeout with 10:56 left in the first half. The score was B-B-E 13, R-P 4.

It'll take awhile to come down from all this excitement.

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(Photo gallery) Album number two of three from championship Saturday

Click to view the photo album at the Sauk Centre Herald website:

And at the tail end are some photos of Timberwolves players walking past the B-B-E pep band bus!

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Student managers!

Student managers Katie Hieserich, Kayla Schlangen and Jamie Meyer...all got fist bumps from Brian Goodwin during the medals ceremony yesterday.
Kayla Schlangen cutting down her part of the net at Target Center. Once the net came down, the team loaded the bus and headed to the high school for the welcome home ceremony.

And we certainly can't overlook the efforts and hard work done by the student managers. They take a considerable load of work off of the coaches' shoulders. Great job! We don't win a state title without keeping everything organized week to week.

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Excited...Yes! Just a little!

Brian Goodwin (5) clapping and smiling with his teammates after the post-game dog pile at midcourt.

The game clock had a few seconds left during this shot, when the team welcomed Billy Borgerding back to the bench.

Sometimes nice guys finish FIRST!

Here's photo album number two from championship Saturday. It's not complete though...have many other things to tend to today but will keep uploading more tonight!

...and here's album #1 with 300 pictures:

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School in session Mondays on...

School will be in session on Monday, March 24th, Monday, April 21st and May 5th and May 12th at B-B-E.


One Team. One Goal! Check - check!

Mission accomplished!

...and some first-half video:

Three state tournament trips. One runner-up finish. Two state titles! Gotta love it.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

State championship game story posted

The Jaguars not playing in the final seconds of the game bolted from the bench at the buzzer to join the rest of the players in the celebratory post-game dogpile.

Here's the link:

Just saw that Rushford-Peterson was no slouch offensively this season; they entered the state championship scoring an average of 70.1 points per game.

I am finally gonna get some sleep! Church is early tomorrow for our church family. Have you ever heard of a 100-hour work week? I just lived it.

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Moments like these: priceless!

About one hour before tip off this morning, Coach Montbriand came out to the floor to greet some of the fans. Shown are a couple elementary basketball Jaguars enjoying the moment.
Fun fact: the father of these two elementary Jaguars was a star player on the first B-B-E team to play in a section championship (Class of 1997, section final loss to eventual state champion Hancock)...and their uncle was B-B-E's first boys 1,000-point scorer.
"Hey Tanner, let's go win a state championship!" (starter introductions)
Football players-turned-cheerleaders!!
...and finally we get to tip off!! The start of the end of a magical ride.

I haven't had a chance to say it yet, but GREAT JOB Jaguar fans!! The student section came through when we needed them! Bravo! Tonight during the welcome-home ceremony, I went to the "ringleader" (Mary) and told her she's my hero!!


I'm going through over 800 pictures from today. I can sleep next week! (I've got 164 uploaded as of 22:26...gotta take a break now)

For heaven's sakes what a day it's been...while thousands of us were down at Target Center watching the basketball tournament, two other awesome things took place.
1) the B-B-E speech team took first place (with just 12 speechers) in Morris out of 12 teams!
2) the elementary Jaguar wrestlers qualified for the NYWA state wrestling tournament for the first time in school history!! They were in Pierz today for the youth regional tournament.

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